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  1. Hi, Heading once again to Prague on the 13th march for a week. Need assistance finding locations of any available flea markets during that period. Thanks for yor help. Phil
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    There's one every Saturday and Sunday at outskirts of Prague, not exactly at outskirts, but at the edge of Prague, it's near Kolbenova metro stop on line B. It should be pretty big, according to their website it's the biggest Flea Market in Czech Republic and even in Central Europe. I haven't been there, so I can't say whether it's really biggest flea market in Central Europe, but it should be large.
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    could you please give me the website address for this flea market? Is it in English? Thank you kitty 46
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  5. kitty46

    kitty46 Well-Known Member

    thanks for your prompt reply. I have a friend who will be able to read it for me.
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    Thanks for the info, but is it accessible via 'walking distance' from Kolbenova stop and if so, how do I reach it from there?

    I am leaving Canada for Prague on the 11th and I would love to check it out on the 12th!

    BTW, great forum! I'm finding all kinds of cool info...thanks!

  7. kitty46

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    Just wanted to double check: are you sure the market is Saturday AND Sunday, or is it just Saturday??? Thank you
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    Ok, from their website:

    Děti do 15 let - ZDARMA
    Dospělí - 10,- Kč
    Parkovné - 20,- Kč/den

    Children under 15yrs - free
    Adults - 10Kč
    Parking - 20Kč for a day (in case you will go there by car)

    Každou sobotu a neděli od 6.00 do 13.00 hod.

    Every Saturday and Sunday from 6am to 1pm.

    How to get there:

    stop Kolbenova - Metro B or Tram 19
    The white" M" in pink square is metro stop and the pink area, where is written Park is flea market.

    I've never been there, so I can't say whether it is worthy or not.
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    I'm visiting Prague this summer and am interested in collecting antique Czech pottery such as peasant art pottery. Am I most likely to find this at the Bustehrade Market or some other flea market in Prague?
    Thanks EE
  10. kitty46

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    two new questions: Phil, will you please let us know what you thought of it? I will be there in April.
    Also, what and where is the Buhsterade market?????Thank you
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  12. magan

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    Frosken (you are in Prague already), but note for others.

    Yes, Kolbenova is Metro stop of line B and Market is walking distance.

    Bustehrad is collectors market, not in Prague and transportation without car could be a problem. not because of distance, but because of bus schedule. I left on citi web site message asking for advice for directions by bus/train from Prague and which stop to get off and which way to walk, suggestion of restaurant with Czech meals. I will be monitoring it and hope someone from local people answers.

    Czech directions on website are following, hope someone can translate it, I am very busy now.

    Jak se k nám dostanete
    Buštěhrad se nachází nedaleko od Prahy směrem na Kladno.

    Cesta autem
    Z Prahy-Ruzyně k nám dojedete během 10 minut, z okraje Kladna to stihnete za 5 minut. Pro lepší orientaci si prohlédněte mapku.

    Při cestě z Prahy je nejrychlejší jet přes Ruzyň po dálnici směrem na Slaný, z dálnice sjet odbočkou na Kladno po silnici č. 551 a pak už jen zvolit buď první (u Lidic) nebo druhou (u vodojemu) odbočku vpravo podle toho, z které strany chcete na Buštěhrad přijet.

    Z Kladna stačí sledovat dopravní značení směrem na Prahu, které vás navede opět na silnici č. 551.

    Cesta autobusem
    Druhou možností je využít autobusové spojení. Autobusy Praha-Kladno (jen některé z nich však staví na Buštěhradě!) jezdí ze stanice Dejvická většinou každou půlhodinu.

    V Kladně odjíždějí spoje na Buštěhrad z autobusového nádraží. Protože jízdní řády se čas od času mění, nejlépe bude, když si aktuální informace vyhledáte na Internetu, například na adrese nebo
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    EASTER MARKET April 1 - 23
    Old town square & Wenceslaw Square
    Please note, these are not flee markets, they are very touristy and items are usually made for sale in these markets. Similar like with Christmas markets in same areas.

    There is also another everyday market walking from Mustek to Old town square, very touristy also. Wooden toys, decorated easter eggs, fruit and veggies, candies, pictures, all new stuff.

    For Expats who crave good vegetable and fruit (and Vietnamese socks and underwear and other cheap new stuff) one of the best markets is Pankrac Metro stop.
  14. frosken

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    Hi gang,

    Unfortunately, I was unable to go to the market on Sunday, March 12th.

    There was a big snowstorm in Prague (airport closed) which forced us to land in Ostrava instead...and wait...and wait...then take the bus...and wait...

    By the time I got to Prague, it was 7PM (was supposed to land at 6AM)...

    Although the first day was a 'nightmare', the rest of trip went flawlessly :D

    Frosken...back to Canada
  15. magan

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    Thank you Frosken, that is very nice that you thought of us. Perhaps someone else who is in Prague can go by on any Satuday and see if Market is still there.
  16. mick mock

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    Thankyou for all this useful information. I am going to Prague in November so am reading up on anything which might be useful.

    Can't wait to get there.

    Chris. :D
  17. kitty46

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    Hi Chris
    You are so lucky to be going in November. I can hardly wait to go back!! I went to both the Kolbenova Market and to Bustehrad (with quite a bit of help from Magan). I am an antique dealer and was very satisfied with both markets. It was quite cold and rainy the day of Bustehrad so all of the dealers were not there. I don't know what it will be like in November. I can give you directions on how to get to each one, if you like. You can reach me at Prague is the most beautiful city in the world! I stayed at a favorite hotel, which I recommend because of excellent location and one night in a hostel and 3 nights in Cesky Krumlov. If you are an antiquer, let me know. I highly recommend Magan for getting advice from. I know she loves to help, but is also one busy gal! Sandy

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