Michael Palin's New Europe: Any Czech Republic Sightings?

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous (Czech-Related)' started by AZ2SI, Aug 19, 2006.

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    Monty Python alumn Michael Palin, well known for his travel documentaries, is currently filming a series on post-communist Europe. He began his travels in Slovenia (back in mid-May) and was spotted in Budapest more than a month ago. This almost certainly means that he and his crew have already filmed in the Czech Republic. Have their been any media reports or personal spottings of them? In some countries, they generated a lot of media attention, while they completely avoided the spotlight in others.

    BTW, I recently launched a blog devoted to Palin's New Europe and the various countries covered in the series -- it includes some media reports of previous sightings.
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    Interesting site! As a Palin/Python fan myself, I'll have to keep tabs on this series.
  3. wissy

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    Excellent site which is now on myfavourites! As another Michael Palin fan it is great to have further information on his travels. Can't wait for his take on The Czech Republic. I am also a great fan of the photos of Basil Pao. :D
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    According to Michael Palin's latest letter to his fans, he should be filming in Slovakia this week and then continuing his journey through the Czech Republic to Germany (the former GDR). If there are any reports in the Czech media about his visit, we'd love to hear about them!

    And, yes, I was wrong when I said that he has probably already filmed in the Czech Republic. :oops:

    BTW, I have some updates about the series on my blog. And thanks for the kind words!

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