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    Where is the Czech related content in this thread? I see a lot of gratuitous Christain and America bashing, but nothing on point. Get serious folks, your opinions on this subject mean little, if anything, to those of us who are trying to learn about the Czech culture on this site.

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    I agree this thread does not belong in the Czech culture forum, so for now, it has been moved to Miscellaneous. We're glad to see people discussing many varied topics and will most likely create a forum for non Czech-related discussions.
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    well it started out by me wondering how the situation would be handled in czech and other parts of europe, i guess it drifted from there...
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    13 is not always illegal in the states, each state has different age requirements and you can marry in ( I think) it is Alabama or some southern state at 13, some are 15, but most are 18+
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    I'm an American currently living in Copenhagen and I really enjoy it here. But one frustrating thing that I've noticed in Europe is a sort of "blind animosity" towards anything USA.

    I understand that the American government is doing things wrong, and that the legal system in terms of "suing" is a mess. However I feel that Europeans can be so anxious to point this out that they will jump on any statement made by an American just because they are "American." The reality is that most Americans are just as aware of the problems as you are... you aren't shedding any new light for us. We are not ignorant, just because our government or legal system may appear to be at times (when everything "American" is under the European microscope).

    But really, what on earth does this have to do with someone's moral opinion regarding a 13 year old having sex with a 20 year old? I get the feeling that you heard "USA" and immediately thought "Oh, those stupid Americans suing eachother all the time, etc" without really considering the issue at hand.

    The original person making this post wasn't talking about law suits... suing was something more on your mind than his (or hers).

    Please, tell me that a 13 year old has enough experience and understanding to make a well-founded decision to marry and have sex. It isn't only American law that says sex at such a young age (particularly with someone significantly older) has negative repercussions. It is scientists and psychologists around the world that almost universally support this concept.

    You don't understand how frustrating it can be for someone from USA who is trying to have a discussion get responses that have nothing to do with what their talking about, but instead target their opinion as being "American". This is not about the USA... it's about someones personal opinion regarding sex between a 12 or 13 year old and a 20 year old.

    Sometimes it seems as if a coherent discussion can't be held, because people feel the immediate need to attack a persons statement based soley on nationality.
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    Just as a note, when I say "American" above I am referring to people of "USA" nationality. I understand very well that USA is not America. It is just that "Americans" is what people from USA seem to be referred to in Europe (for example, USA nationality in Danish is amerikener), and the usage is just to simplify the discussion. I hope not to have offended any one by this.
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    You're right. A person of USA nationality is reffered to as an American and that is perfectly fine. Person from Mexico is a Mexican. And both of them are from America. However, if someone makes a statement about the US and says "in America things are so much different", it just creates confusion and misunderstandings. People shouldn't make general statements of this kind.
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    But (unfortunately) they do all the time, all throughout Europe.
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    Yep, I used to do it too! Then, whenever someone said America = USA, I'd say something like "where, in Argentina?". It wasn't very funny but served its purpose.
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    Fair enough kc101, but.....

    Isn`t your post a rant from start to finish?

    First things first though. America, American etc. The always re-emerging subject due to the fact that these words have more than one meaning. We had a similar discussion on the word "Czech" which suffers from the same imperfection (the people of the Czech Republic - Czechs=Češi; the peoples of the CR- Bohemians=Češi, Moravians, Silesians). Webster`s lists 4 meanings for "American" (noun), 3 of which interest us most. Note the order in which they appear.

    http://www.m-w.com/cgi-bin/dictionary?b ... n&x=9&y=14

    The lesson you`ve learnt now is that next time you`re referred to as an Indian, you won`t be so prickly. They are only teasing you. (When I was a kid and watched the movies about the Wild West with bated breath, I always sided with Indians. Strange, innit?)

    Now, a bit more seriously. Non-Americans love America more than you think and you`ll come to know this at last. Since you`re a cross-cultural newbie though, you have to wait for it a while. The thing you have to go through now is CULTURE SHOCK. The more unprepared you are, the greater the shock you`ll suffer from. Judging by your inner psychological protests, you`ve been dealt a severe blow already.

    I call it a head-in-the-sand policy. You never see the house from the outside unless you creep out of it. Don`t you think you`re a wee insular?

    I like to quote my American colleague who always says : America is an EXTROVERT country having a finger in many different pies, and that`s why so many people want to clobber it and humilate it, whereas Japan is an INTROVERT country and no one can shut up about how marvellous country this is. So true!!! The thing is, this would be a reaction of his only to a cheap shot, never pronounced on a different occasion. Besides, don`t forget that lots of cheap shots are fired by the people who`re trying to make only a political point even though their criticism may be directed at your person.

    You must remember probably the most famous Rumsfeld`s speech.

    As we know,
    There are known knowns.
    There are things we know we know.
    We also know
    There are known unknowns.
    That is to say
    We know there are some things
    We do not know.
    But there are also unknown unknowns,
    The ones we don't know
    We don't know.

    The speech is flawless, yet has won a "foot in mouth" prize in Britain. (The speech was sneered at by CNN, too.) John Lister, spokesman for the campaign, which strives to have public information delivered in clear, straightforward English, said: "We think we know what he means. But we don't know if we really know.".

    This is surely a political point with a dash of the English humour, but it`s a good example of what I mean. I hope.

    Kc101, you can never avoid the temptation of making generalizations. Very often generalizations are the stumbling blocks for our further scrutiny. You must`ve heard that Czechs form unruly queues when waiting for a bus to arrive. When it gets there, we believe that you must get your seat before anyone else does. It`s my intention to speak for ALL Czechs now because it`ll get me to the point I`m trying to make. You may have experienced this kind of behaviour in Italy, Spain and some other countries as well. When the genaralizations like these are made it does not mean that ALL people do it, of course not, but rather what`s typical of that country, or what`s its norm. There`s always something bizarre and unacceptable but that`s life. When it comes to Americans you very often hear : rich, loyal, determined, independent and heaps of other things which are doubtless the treasures of the American nation you must be proud of. However, there are always some downsides which always stir the atmosphere to a certain extent, if not more : brash, brassy, pushy, and so on. Again, these labels don`t make every American pushy but rather give an impression which you encounter on your world travels. Even if it were not true, it is still a widespead fact which you hear as often as the positives mentioned above. To be sure, no one`s happy about such words when it applies to your nation, especially when you`re a newbie and this is very difficult to digest. Every child knows that the dividing line between confidence and arrogance is extremely thin, and very often we can`t tell them apart at all. In America, you have to show a good deal of confidence in order to get a job. Suppressing your ego will never get you a good job, if any. In Japan, on the contrary, you never speak well of your abillities even if it is justifiable. That would be the worst thing you could do. Such differences leave many people in bafflement, but good on them. That`s how we learn through experience.

    After living on four continents for many years I have come to a conclusion that most generalizations are TRUE when you understand the cross-cultural differences. Americans MAY appear overly confident outside the USA because no other country attaches such importance to individualism. When in America, I never hasitate to ask for help by shouting to a cop "hey buddy..." it offends no one there, and I abide by the rules of your country. And at that point, I must, too, be viewed as an American. I`m saying it only to show how relative this is.

    Before I shut my cake hole, I just want to say last thing. The Western cultures got where they are through CRITICAL THINKING starting from Descartes onwards. If someone dislikes the way of gaining knowledge through debates, yes, arguments sometimes, I`ll be only too glad to assist him/her in Asian studies where HARMONY has always been of the utmost importance.



    PS One must become a polyglot and a citizen of the world only to find out that people are good and bad no matter where you go.
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    whoever started this is obviously the culprit and yes you are sick

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