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Discussion in 'Culture' started by knew, Jul 24, 2006.

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    I've had a discussion with a Czech who says that mixed nudity is very common in saunas, including the showers... and that Czech guys and girls can easily be nude with each other without it being the least bit sexual... and that guys won't even notice the nude girls next to them (or vice versa). But I have a difficult time understanding this.... I understand that nudity is more accepted in the CZ... but saying that a guy might be sexually attracted to the hot girl in a dance club, but he would not be when she is standing naked next to him in the shower seems unbelievable. I have experienced Czech saunas, but nobody has joined us... and I am probably glad, because I don't know how comfortable I would be. I would apprecaite some opinions on this... Thanks.
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    I'm pretty sure your friend doesn't mean that there's no sexual attraction; but when people are used to nudity they don't get all over-excited about it. For example, think of women going topless on the beach - in the US, every guy around would be drooling, making rude remarks to his friends and generally making an ass of himself; but when it happens in Europe, men aren't affected so much by it. That doesn't mean that they don't enjoy seeing a woman's breasts, but it doesn't produce such feelings of ... lewdness.
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    I have also experienced mixed saunas in CR for several times (I'm Czech) with young and old people together. The main difference is that when you are naked among other naked people it becomes natural. Maybe not for you, but is a part of Czech culture - be attracted only in certain ocasions, like in a dance club. In fact it's great feeling when you are naked or not and it does not matter - everybody has "holou prdel" - "naked ass", as it is told in CR:) The point is not to look for a problem where is no problem - at least in CR. On the other hand if someone touched you in sauna then it is not absolutly nice of him and you should make him to behave himself or contact others in sauna to make him, but I did not meet these people, or my friend who are girls do not have such experience. For example many of my friends who are girls and even my mummy said when she had arrived from Egypt, or Turkey that it was very unpleasant to be watched by so many horny natives - because they are not able to behave appropriately - because it is forbidden for them or at least "not natural" to just be with woman.

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