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    Hi there,
    I wasn't sure where to ask this but there seems to be a whole bunch of questions related to mine here so here goes.

    It has been on my mind for a while but I was wondering about the situation of immigration and citizenship in the Czech Republic, since it has become so ... modernized the recent decades, has Czech citizenship and immigration modernized too? By this I mean, in Poland they make it hard for people who don't have magical "Polish blood" (whatever that means) to become citizens, and even then you're still a foreigner to them. What is the current situation regarding these things? and what is social attitude like in general to "who is a Czech" and general opinion on immigration to the Czech Republic.

    I'm just very interested in sociology so opinions or information would be great.

    Thanks and Peace!
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    The immigration visa only lets you come to then apply for the permanent residence visa.

    From the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs ... 7676&idj=2

    "I. Who is eligible to apply for permanent residency?

    Permanent residency is granted mainly for the purpose of reuniting a family or for humanitarian reasons. It is possible to apply for permanent residency at the Embassy. In some cases, it is possible to apply in the Czech Republic directly (one of the conditions is at least an eight year-long legal stay).

    Residency permit for the purpose of reuniting a family

    A foreigner can apply for permanent residency for the purpose of living with a Czech citizen who is a permanent resident in the Czech Republic. The foreigner must be related to the Czech citizen. According to the law, the relation is stated as follows:

    - spouse of a Czech citizen;

    - foreigner older than 70 years, living alone, who is a parent of an adult Czech citizen (if the foreigner is not married at the time of filing the application);

    - minor foreigner in the care of his/her parent (a Czech citizen) after a divorce;

    - adult foreigner who is a child of a Czech citizen who is older than 70 years and is living alone ;

    - some cases of adopted persons. "

    If you do not fit into the residency requirement, I do not know how to further guide you. If you are very interested, you could contact a Czech immigration lawyer directly or the Czech embassy in your country.

    *If you do not fit, you can always go study an English program in the CR and see if you really like it. If you do, maybe you will get lucky and marry a Czech or find a work sponsor.*

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