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    Hi all

    First post. I have morbid question that I can't seem to find anywhere. My second trip to Prague, bringind my wife and 5 year old. I'm doing all the basic stuff, Castle, Vysehrad, Lidice. But I have a 20th century history background and was wondering if there is a plaque or any type of notice at the place where Reinhard Heydrich was assassinated in Kobylisy? I have searched and searched on the net and all I ever get is that he was assassinated in Prague. I would just like to take a few minutes on day and ride by the site. Any ideas or links would be appreciated
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    Interesting question!

    On place, where Heyndrich was assasined is now big multi level intersection of two highways ( Zenklova and V Holešovičkách):,%20pra...

    I know, that definitelly is plaque on church, where Nazis killed Czech paratroopers, who assasinated Heyndrich.
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    Thanks for the info. That website looks like the perfect site..but unfortunately I'm Czech dumb. I am going to Lidice for the memorial to Lidice and what the Nazi's did to them and the church is there but I believe what you are saying is that the hairpin turn where he was assissinated has been replaced by the large over/under pass. BTW I really wish that website you linked had an english version. Thanks for the help

    Edit IS the church you speak of in Lidice or is it in Prague? thx
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    Zeisig and eso, please post shorter links, otherwise width of the page is huge.
    I changed both links.
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    It's church of Saints Cyril and Methodius in Resslova street. Attackers were hidden there. They were later tracked down by Nazi forces and besieged. After several battles they committed suicide to avoid capture.
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    I'm sorry gementricxs, my browser is able to deal with it, so I didn't realized it's problem.
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    No, the original curve is offset. The house on the Zeisig's picture is here
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    OK. It seems that the offset is cca 50 m. I'll try to confront old maps.

    Anyway the todays curve is easily accessible by bus (there is the bus stop "Vychovatelna").
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    Everyone thanks for the great posts. I can find the church so thanks again for that. But between Wer and Zeisig's post Im a little confused with the maps. I've got the general area but still a little confused...(if you knew me you'd understand :lol: )...anyway thanks in advance
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    If you take bus #102 from Metro station Kobylisy and get off at station Vychovatelna (2nd stop) then you will be exactly where Heydrich was assasinated. The streets named by Kubis, Gabcik and Valcik are left from what you can see on maps posted by wer and Zeisig.

    You wrote you are confused - did you tried to switch between views "Letecka" and "Zakladni", zoom in and out, move view left and right?

    The church
    In this church is Memorial to the Heroes of the Heydrich Terror now. If you go from Charles square to the river then on right side of Reslova street you could see that vent with still vissible bullets marks (see link).

    Once again, please don't use so long links guys,

    It is easy to say "do not use". Till I pressed "edit post" and saw your modification, I had not known how to do it!
  14. st_dysan

    st_dysan Member guys certainly make it dumb proof...I appreciate all the great info, you guys are great..I'll take all this and I'm sure I'll find it..oh yea and thanks for the info on the church..anything else anyone has to add I'd gladly welcome it, I don't leave for Prague until the 25th of Oct

    Thanks again

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    This has developed into a really interesting thread. Thanks guys. :D
  16. st_dysan

    st_dysan Member's what I think I got...on Zeisigs map, without moving it, the yellows are the major highways and the white road coming off the exit ramp where the read dot is, is that it, or is on the north side of Zenklova..still a little confused.

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    The intersection where Heydrich was assasinated is no more. You can not find it on map. If you go there you will see only big crossroad of two higways. The location of original intersection you can only estimate by comparing the picture showing the house near intersection and wer's map (with marked position of this house).
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    hehe...thought that might be the case..well still a load of info you guys supplied. I appreciate it all..thanks
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    I have not written that the original street crossing still exists. The todays curve connecting Zenklova and V Holešovičkách streets (with the bus stop "Vychovatelna") goes through the garden on the picture. So the incriminated place is cca 50 m far from the stop bus, somewhere in the center of the todays crossroads.
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    WOW! How did you put that house on the map?
    For long URL's I always use

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