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    I read the book the Assination of Reihard Heyrich, and indeed this post was interesting. Also the Prague website noting that the heroic paratroopers were assigned a project by the Czech Government in exile in London.

    How did it come to pass that such a heroic stand against tyranny was obliderated with a super highway?

    Could it be asssumed that the Post 48 government wanted to erase any traces of the London Government's efforts to show Czech resistance to the Nazis? Of course the English supplied Sten gun was not up to the task and jammed at a critical moment.

    Thanks for the post and the time it took to bring to life this piece of Czech history.
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    I think the replacing of dangerous intersection with a new and safe one is not disparagement. (BTW, I understand your question, but what means "obliderated"?)
    Yes, this is right. All soldiers from West front were persecuted.
    In the 40's and 50's, the assassination was considered negative.
    In the 60's it was considered controversial, but it was respected as heroic act.
    In the 70's and 80's it was even appreciated.
    The order was clear - to leave British traces in the place of assassination.
    Some historians even conclude, that the assassinators knew the gun was haywire and that they was only pretending the using of it to fulfill this order.
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    Thanks for the reply-when I read this post, I did go to the link showing the Orthodox Chapel Crypt and the sign in English translation that seemed to disparge the London Czech government for igniting the retribution that was sure to follow.

    Obliderate in English means to wipe away as if the thing never existed. It is understood that there was a need to replace a dangerous road with a safer one. In America, if a historical road is redone a Sign or Memorial is placed nearby to commerate the event. Of course in Freehold, New Jersey the location of famous Revolutionary War Batttle- Battle of Monmouth County Court House the present location of the Rt9 and 33 Circle was the major locus point of the fighting during the Battle of Monmouth. However, it is not marked and would not be known other than through history buffs and the yearly re-enactment of the Battle in June.

    Even here we are not very good about preserving our heritage.

    Thank you for the informative post, I really enjoyed it. In the US, you really have to dig to find books and articles about Czech history. About
    four years ago there was a fairily well written article on Jan Ziska (sp) and
    the husite revolt that accurately described how the Bohemia went from a population of 3 Million to 800,000 over the course of the religious fighting.
    Based upon that article, I did take in the Museum in Tabor and was pleased by how it was arranged.

    Tad Rihacek
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    Tad Rihacek....a typing error i think. :oops:

    The word is OBLITERATE meaning to destroy utterly or erase leaving no trace.

    I agree - a very intertesting post. :)

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