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Discussion in 'Expat Life' started by LICA, May 26, 2006.

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    It is quite pleasant to stay in Czech Republic for a while.
    However, we might move back to hometown recently.
    Can I ask some quesitons?

    1. Since the limit kilograms which you can bring on the plane,
    it seems that we need to send something back to home by post.
    Just some books and some clothes.....
    How could we do it? just take the package and go to the post?
    How to say in Czech? we will like to deliver it back to Asia by sea.

    2. Besides, some old clothes are left.
    In my hometown, we can donate these old stuffs to some charity.
    In Czech republic, could we do this?
    We are in Brno..........

    Thanks for helping.
  2. MK

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    You can find all info at: (you can switch the language to english on the top of the page).

    Cheapest way is to use international mail then parcels.

    Best routine? Maybe: Find post office near you (the larger the better) and buy suitable cartoon box(es) there. Then just pack everything in the box, write address (name of country shall be written in capital letters) and bring it back to post office. :)

    If you wish to have it sent by air mail, you shall to write it on the box. If you do not write anything then it will be delivered "via ship". In this case they probably will ask you if you are sure that you do not wish to send it "LETECKY" (by air mail) because ships are very very very slow. Propper answer is: "lodí" (via ship) or "prosím poslat lodí" (please send it via ship).

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