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Discussion in 'Expat Life' started by Fuzija, Nov 21, 2006.

  1. Fuzija

    Fuzija Active Member

    Hi all,

    I will be moving to Brno in about a month time, somewhere around end of the December. I got a job at IBM as Customer Support and am in process of getting my working permit and visa done.

    I would greatly appreciate if someone could spare some time to answer few question about life in Brno and conditions.

    My MSN is

  2. zlajka

    zlajka New Member

    Hi Fuzija,

    I am also moving to Brno in month or so. I will be also working for IBM but as a technical person for windows servers. It would be good to organize social life in advance but still we will see how it is going to work over there.

    Where are you from?
  3. Fuzija

    Fuzija Active Member

    I am from Bosnia and Herzegovina, and you?
  4. zlajka

    zlajka New Member

    Pa onda mozemo na nasem. Lakse je. :lol: Koristis li MSN messenger?

  5. Fuzija

    Fuzija Active Member

  6. durk

    durk Well-Known Member

    It would have been much more interesting and useful to actually chat on the board, and share info with other people.
  7. Averell

    Averell Active Member

    i'm not working for ibm (and don't plan to) - but i'd be interested how much they pay - can someone help me with that? private message would be ok :)
  8. durk

    durk Well-Known Member

    I want to know as well !
  9. cluas

    cluas Member

    How I wanna work for IBM!

    But how?
  10. durk

    durk Well-Known Member

    Trust me, you don't wanna work for IBM. Trust me.

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