Moving to the Czech Republic from Ukraine

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous (Czech-Related)' started by Dannae, Feb 18, 2008.

  1. GlennInFlorida

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    Dík, Petr - je pravda
  2. dzurisova

    dzurisova Well-Known Member

    here here Petr! It takes a Czech to say it right! :wink: :)
  3. jeff2

    jeff2 Active Member

    yes,petr, or rock if you want the latin root meaning. i could make a living in my country, if i wanted to live like white trash the rest of my life. i used to be stupid like you, and said the same thing you asked me. why should i have to pay for visas.well, after i got here, and visited my country's embassy, i found out that it was going to cost almost a thousand dollars a piece for my wife and 2 stepchildren. plus after my son was born, they want to charge almost $200. for registering him and issuing him a passport. my wife spent almost $500. on paperwork with her gov. registering the children in her apartment, plus selling it, and reregistering them in the new apartment she was forced to buy for $6000. that was what we were going to use for visas. but thanks to Timoschenko, we were forced to buy this one bedroom hell that 5 of us are living in now. by the time we came back from Budapest for our honeymoon, the $13000. my wife got for her old apartment was down to less than a $1000. our honeymoon trip cost about $500. and we had to take it because i needed to renew my immigration card. i only seem to be crying because my father lied to me, he has the money, he just doesn't care. i have watched him spend $5000. on christmas presents in one year. he has always been a good liar. unfortunately, now he is hurting my family, and endangering their lives. if i could work, we'd stay here and i would just become a good drunk.i love the beer here.i've tried czech beer as well. no comparison.the best beer i've ever had is bagrianie, made by chernigovsky breweries.anyway, if you make broad statements like most ukrainians are thieves, most czechs are snotty, most blacks are stupid, then you simply denigrate yourself.i don't care what people think about me. but i will not be robbed by anyone, especially a cop.i will not tolerate anyone hurting my wife and children either.maybe if you had either, you would understand. but i can tell, you are YDFC.ask Glenn what that means.
  4. Petr_B

    Petr_B Well-Known Member

    Jeff, firstly I would like to thank you for sharing your insights about my intelligence, age and sex life. You could make a living as a clairvoyant ... wait, I was kidding - you would be a failure at that too. Well, I didn't believe you can't get even more pathetic than before, but you proved me wrong. But I will let it slip this time, considering you're not in your best condition because you got yourself in a difficult situation.

    Your evil government will force you to live like that? I thought the USA is still THE country of unlimited possibilities and even (many of the) first generation immigrants can make a decent living there, assuming they have skills and are willing to work hard? It doesn't match your previous statements like "i fear nothing, so i'm not worried".
    Regarding your "i won't work for low wages, i know what i'm worth"? Maybe you are not aware about the fact you are NOT worth you think you are, you are worth only what your employer is willing to write on your paycheck, that's how it goes in free job market. If you don't like that, start a business of your own and see if you can do better.

    One more thing - you accuse me of being young and dumb (let's leave out the rest to not shock some of the readers here :p ) and you still cry rivers when your big daddy refuses to give you money. Honestly, I don't get your 'My parents are obliged to take care of me till the end of their days' mentality. What's wrong with you man, you take for granted your father will be giving you money for the rest of your life? Sure, you're his son, you're free to ask for help, just as your dad is allowed to refuse. It's his money, it's not like he stole the money you earned with your hard work. Also from your previous posts (including those in the other thread) it seems to me you that you're looking down not only on your state (W. Virginia, calling it "hillbilly/redneck hell" etc.) but also on your family and I wouldn't be surprised if you let them know it, acting as if you're better than them. One more reason why they should think twice before giving you anything. And you're going to sue your old dad because of that, that's truly unbelievable.

    By the way, no one here wrote that all Ukrainians are thieves, but the truth is that crime rate amongst Ukrainian workers here (many if not most work here illegally) is high and often it's not just petty thievery. It's also crimes like murders, bank robbing and if I remember correctly, in one of the most publicized case of serial raping ever the perpetrator was also found to be Ukrainian. Let's not forget you yourself don't particularly like Ukraine either, calling it hell (you are particularly fond of this word, aren't you), wanting to get out as soon as possible, no matter what it takes.

    Well, it's not like that attitude to poor(er) immigrants is something specific only to Ukrainians working in the Czech Republic, immigrants from east are not liked anywhere. I guess in Western Europe they think about e.g. Czechs/Slovaks/Polish what we think here about people from post Soviet republics or Balkan.
    On a similar note, some of us might still remember "Cesi prosim nekradte" banners displayed in shops in Austria in early 1990's. ;)

    My last words to you: Stop acting like a spoiled frat boy and try to stand on your own feet for once, you have a family to take care of, so less whining, more working.
  5. jeff2

    jeff2 Active Member

    actually, if you go back and read danae's post she did say most ukrainians are thieves and would be hated in her country. unfortunately, she is also american too. if your country is so great, why did she leave it to go live in my country? i guess so she could come back and spend all day bashing americans who want to live in her country. funny how that works. i don't expect my father to take care of me, i expect him to keep his promises. if i could take care of everything here, we would just stay here. i'm an ex- bouncer too, so knocking drunks out of my way is a cake walk.funny though, you would get treated much better in my country, than it sounds like i will get treated in yours. do you know what an indian giver is? i do have enough experience talking to the twenty-something crowd to recognize a member of the tribe though.
  6. Petr_B

    Petr_B Well-Known Member

    Here it goes, Dannae's hate for Ukranians in full colors. :p Or you just hate her because (in an effort to help you) she's not afraid to tell unconventional truth - general Czech attitude to immigrants, particularly from the former USSR?

    Here you fail again. I'm first to admit I might not be the sharpest knife in the drawer (but as you can see that from my broken English, I don't feel the need to emphasize it in my each post), but unfortunately, I'm not as young as you want me to be (though I wish it were so). I'd like to believe that I still have pure child-like heart filled with naivety but I'm afraid my mental age pretty much matches my biological one. By the way, why did you start talking about knocking drunks and your bouncer "career" out of a sudden? You mention it because it was the best job you ever had?Or are trying to threating me with violence over the internet? :roll:
    Anyway, Indian Giver (the way how some immigrants in America treated Indians is common knowledge, so even someone like me knows the meaning) or not, you should really stop relying on your father, especially when you say he's someone who can't be relied on. Wipe your tears, blow your nose and go on with your life.

    Please notice that I didn't stoop down to your level and don't call you names (or insulting cryptic acronyms). On the other hand, I'm not willing to waste any more time on you and won't reply to your posts from now on.

    Good bye and good luck.
  7. meluzina

    meluzina Well-Known Member

    jeff - you go back and read her first post - as i said before and other people have repeated, she did not say that - she truly did say that is what you might face - please, before this starts getting into a who's better than who thread (there are enough of those in the world) rereade what she wrote before you accuse her - or anyone for that matter
  8. eso

    eso Well-Known Member

    Jeff, for start, I wish you will resolve all your problems.

    However... ;)
    You seem to me (as far is possible to learn such things from forum posts) as short-tempered, emotional and with tendency to hasty deciding.
    Which is quite opposite of average Czech thinking. :)
    Be prepare to many clashes of these two approaches, if you will move in here.

    If Hungarian seems too difficult to you, Czech language won't be easier.

    You are right, that suing your father for vague promise in e-mail is possible probably only in USA.
    You are right, that CR is quite safe place, too.

    But $9000 for relocation seems like some scam to me.

    I'm 37, by the way ;)
  9. jeff2

    jeff2 Active Member

    thanks for info about possible scam. yes i'm very short tempered, especially when anyone attacks my family. yes, i make hasty decisions because i can assess information much faster than most people.usually my hasty decisions pay off in the long run.but you should be aware, it is the law in the states,if you make a promise or offer to someone on is a legal and binding contract. otherwise a job offer would mean nothing.5 years of studying criminal and business law. i usually made a's and b' seems to me that in every kind of chat forum i've been in, there is always someone lurking, and waiting to pounce on someone new, and tell them all the facts of life. i have practiced asatru, my religion, for over 20 years. once i signed up for a chat room to discuss my religion with other practioners. on my very first post, i had people telling me i had it all wrong, blah,blah, blah. i read all the same books they did, i guess just different interpretation of same material. bout like methodists, arguing with catholics.but anyway. people who sit in chat rooms just to call other people names are the same cowards you meet on the street. they would never have the guts to say any of this to your face. i'm different. i'll tell you to your face if i don't like you. i judge individuals, not politics, or races, or countries. i just wanted to find out if your country was a half decent place to live. i keep getting lots of job leads from most sound great, but i'm not qualified for half of them.i could get along fine in budapest because half the people i met speak english. this would make it easier for me to learn their everyone is too drunk or rude to learn from.i would get used to americans coming to your country whether you like it or not. when american businessmen feel threatened on the homefront, they will take their business elsewhere. right now, that means central, and eastern europe.
  10. My Czech Republic

    My Czech Republic Administrator

    Having followed this thread, we would like to remind everyone to please comment on the content of posts and not on their authors. Please remain polite and refrain from personal attacks and accusations. They are not helpful and contribute nothing but tension to the community. Insults, personally directed sarcasm and "judging individuals" is not what our boards are for. Thank you.
  11. jeff2

    jeff2 Active Member

    i agree. all i wanted was some useful info and maybe a friend or two. sorry if i had to comment the way i did. i don't respond well to criticism, especially from people who have never met me.
  12. eso

    eso Well-Known Member

    It seems nice. Czechs aren't big on religion, but they tolerate it. And pagan religion suits them more then Christianity I suppose :)

    Language barrier could be problem, but in Prague it's much easier to get job only with English (of course in Prague there are more competing Americans :)
    What is important - Czech identity is based on language. If you are able to speak Czech, you are Czech.
    Even clumsy attempt to say a few Czech words to shop assistant, clerk, passer-by could raise your acceptance dramatically.
    Czechs are suspicious to strangers, but very open to people they get to know.
    Foreigners, who don't know this fact or don't accept it, often end with bad case of cultural shock.
    This mentality is based od centuries of history and it will not change over night.

    Many people in Prague speak English too, especially young ones.

    I believe it's no problem. Czech Republic ranked eighth among the EU members in foreign investment in 2006. Many foreign companies invest here - Google opened its branch here last year, Lego moved its factory to my city Kladno few years ago. Coca Cola, Pepsico, Proctor and Gamble, Microsoft etc... etc...
    Many Hollywood blockbusters are filmed in Czech movie studios.

    I work for Czech branch of Finish corporation, for example.

    There is approximately 10 000 American/British expats living in Prague (some of them illegaly), so you won't be first :)
  13. jeff2

    jeff2 Active Member

    iappreciate the nice remarks. i'm not there yet though. i guess i will have to check with the embassies to get the real info on how to emigrate. i loved budapest when we went there for our honeymoon.once we got off the monkey tour and explored it ourselves, we were fine. they were even so nice, one night i ordered a pizza delivered to our motel room, and after telling them what toppings i wanted, i said please something. well, a half our lter i got my pizza with all the toppings i wanted, and peas. yes they thought i said peas instead of please.i laughed my butt off, picked off the peas and enjoyed. in this country you would be lucky to even get a pizza. as far as my religion, i practice solitary. groups just aren't my thing. just like i can't tell you what to believe, you can't tell me.i already checked out you dictionary on the site, and some of the audio readings. i like the proverbs. quite similar to sayings in america. i left my country because there is a culture of hate being fostered there, and it is being used to fight unjustified wars, and to oppress innocent matter what most people think, there is enough for everyone on the planet. we all want different things, and there really is enough for everyone.i like meeting people from different cultures, unless they attack me because i come from america. i am not my government.that is one of the reasons i'm here right now. i also know most of the lies our government hastold about these wars. that makes me dangerous to them.i just want to live in peace, and watch my children grow in a safe place.
  14. Dannae

    Dannae Well-Known Member

    Whatewer you do in your life, I wish you a good luck. I will pray that you and your wife will find a nice new home in Czech Republic. It is a beautiful country and I hope you will enjoy it.

    To everybody else: thank you very much for defending me. I trully did not want put anybody down here; I just wanted to warn Jeff about prospect which his wife might face. I remember my friends (Ukrainians, who lived with me for quite a long time) complaining about nasty attitude of some Czechs towards them, I can still see the girls crying once awhile and I all what I wanted was to help. If it was misunderstood, I am very sorry but I did not mean to offend anybody here.

    P.S. even foreign people can at the certain point become home in the Czech Republic, yes. I just wanten to point out that people coming expecially from countries ftom the former USSR have a very tough life in the very first years, that is all.
  15. meluzina

    meluzina Well-Known Member

    have you looked at the site i mentioned previously:

    i think it might have some useful info for you...
  16. jeff2

    jeff2 Active Member

    yes thank you. i wrote to them and asked them about the KLP trade company. they said it sounded like a scam. luckily i haven't spent any money yet. i don't know where i'll wind up. maybe czech, maybe somewhere else. all of you on this site should go to google video, look at most viewd, and find one called "the energy non-crisis". then you will understand what is happening to my country, and why i can't go back there. even england will be better. i is just sad to watch everything you've ever believed in destroyed by a small group of greedy me.

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