Mykura (Mikura) family in Falkenau

Discussion in 'Looking for Ancestors' started by Mykura, Oct 20, 2004.

  1. Mykura

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    My Father left Falkenau in 1939 and settled in England. I have looked for 10 years to find someone in Czech Republic with name Mikura or Mykura and have found nobody.Does anyone know anyone connected to this family? Thank you.
  2. Sova

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    The city of Falkenau is apparently now called Sokolov, in the Karlovarsky region. I was not able to find any Mykura/Mikura surnames in the phone directory for this region (or in the rest of the Czech Republic for that matter); however, many households in the C.R. still do not have telephones. Also, the surname does not sound Czech at all, although I'm at a loss to figure out what ethnic origin it might be. A quick search of the internet did lead me to an obituary of a Walter Mykura, who emigrated from northern Bohemia in 1938, but no further details were given. Other than that and a family of runners in Scotland, I can not find much of anything on these names. If by chance your father is Jewish (there apparently was a Jewish community in Falkenau/Sokolov before WWII), you might have more luck looking on Jewish family history sites. Good luck!
  3. Mykura

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    Thanks for that helpful info. Walter was my uncle and the runners are my cousins. My grandfather Franz Mikura/Mykura was from Falkenau. His wife was from accross the border in Germany. He was a physical education instructor for the trade union ATUS. The only person that I have ever found with this name who is not a direct descendant of Franz was a female writer of childrens books with a double barreled name Ferrera(?)-Mikura. My father alway told me that this name was extremely rare in czechoslovakia before the war. Regards Nigel Mykura
  4. Halef

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    No Mikura or Mykura in the whole country (according to Interior ministry registers). But there are about 1400 "Mikula"s, maybe a typo?
  5. Mykura

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    I have recently found out that the female writer Vera Ferra-Mikura who is well known in Germany, died a few years ago. In 1948 she had married Ludwig Mikura (1919 -1991) who was a dancer with the Viennese State Opera. I have been able to find out nothing about this man and his ancestors. I have no idea whether there is any connection between Ludwig Mikura and the Mikuras of Falkenau.. Vienna is about 250km from Falkenau. I also believe there was a group of immigrants who went from Falkenau to the USA (Cincinatti?) in about 1860 who included someone with the name Mikura.

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