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Discussion in 'Culture' started by metamorph, Nov 29, 2004.

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    I have a Czech friend whose nameday is coming up. Is it normal to send a card and what would you write in it? Are there any other customs associated with namedays?

    Thanks to anyone who can help me with this.
  2. Sam Chen

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    Hi, welcom aboard. You can check Myczechrepublic website to get some useful information about Name Day. It's a bit like second birthday. A card for that will be a nice idea. Find more by yourself on the web!!
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    Now, if I've understood this correctly I'm a little perplexed.
    When naming a child in the Czech Republic there is the traditional list of names (name days) and to step outside of that list would be considered very unconventional.
    I say this because in a recent conversation with a Czech friend of mine I mentioned the name of a friend's daughter (I'm in the UK) and was met with puzzlement.
    OK, it can be a tad unconventional to have names like Leaf, River, Tiger, Blossom, Juniper... but is it really 'verboten' in the CR ??

    (and that's very conventional, I know)
  4. magan

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    Under communists names in the calendar were names to be selected from. These are traditional names.

    Now, I think that there are other names used, but of course kid would not have a name day.

    Name Days are actually more celebrated than birth days...especially Josef days, which is very popular name so many Josefs can get together for drink. Everybody knows what your name is so at work, you usually have to bring cake (YES YOU) to celebrate with your cooworkers. You buy drinks for friends if you get together. if you co not get together, you can phone and congratulate to persons name day. No need to send card as it is generrally not done.

    If you will see your friend/girl, get her some chocolates or flowers for ner nameday. Card is not necessary, kis on both cheeks will do. Or you can take her out for her name day.

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