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    My ancestors emigrated from the CR in the 1860s and 1870s to the US. Their family names include Kostner, Dusek, Lang, Tittlebach, Houska, Hruby, and possibly Hepkar.

    I seem to recall, but now can't locate, a mention of a national registry of names. Does such a registry exist, and would it be comprehensible to someone who does not understand the Czech language?

    Also, I've recently been informed that the 1st generation emigrant son returned to the CR to attend the University where he studied dentistry. This would have been in about 1900. What university could this have been, and would the university have records of enrollment from this time period?

    I am going to be visiting Prague in a few weeks and could follow up on leads if it seems worthwhile. Thanks for any help.
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    I think it's problem to find national registry or something similar in Czech Republic. I have looked for it also but I am afraid here is very few informations about it.

    Maybe it would be better when you know the name of a place or city or village where they lived then you can ask some people from the place for it.
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    Thank you for the reply. I don't know where in the Czech Republic my ancestors came from, other than Bohemia. I thought there was some mention of information, possibly just telephone directories, but I may have misunderstood.

    On another topic, what is the custom for gratuities, or tips, in the Czech Republic? Is it customary to leave a tip in a restaurant or for a taxi ride? How large of a tip should one give? Are there other situations where it is customary to give a tip? Thanks.
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    Try a phonebook:
    but there is just the name of the people and their adress.Maybe it helps.

    "Is it customary to leave a tip in a restaurant or for a taxi ride?"... I think yes.
    "How large of a tip should one give?" It is different from the place where you are. But for example for a taxi ride : When a taxi driver ask me to pay 200CZK I'll give him 200CZK if he want to cach for 180CZK I'll give him 200 also :). In a rrestaurant it is similar, but if they ask me to pay 200CZK I'll give them 220 or 230CZK.
    I think 10% it's ok.

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