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    Need translation of the following found at ... 37---1912_

    "1882: Starostou ve Zlíně zvolen Vincenc Kašpárek. Zemská školní rada se snaží vnutit Zlínu německé školy, ale Zlín se brání a odmítá."

    This may be my great grandfather as his name was Vincenc Kašpárek and he lived in Zlin at this time. His son Vincent moved to the US (Lidgerwood ND) at the end of the 1800s.

    Thanks in advance!
    Rick Kasparek
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    1882: Vincenc Kašpárek was elected as mayor of Zlin.
    National(?) school council is trying to force German schools to Zlin, but Zlin resists and refuses it.

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    ESO! Good to hear from you!! Thanks for the translation! I wonder if this was my Great Grandfather?! Is there any way to find out if his wife's name was Maria?
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    I found nothing about wife, however I found that he had brother Mikulas. Mikulas Kasparek was mayor too, before Vincenc and then again after him.

    Mikuláš Kašpárek (mayor 1871 -1881)
    Vincenc Kašpárek (mayor 1881 - 1885)
    Mikuláš Kašpárek (mayor 1885- 1889)

    Mikulas was son-in-law of Tomáš Tlusták (which was mayor, too from 1864 to 1871 !!).
    Vincent was merchant and he was born 1834 (probably).
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    Thank you so much!

    Ahhh - turns out (at least to the best of my records) that Vincenc was born 27 May 1841. His siblings were Frantisek b. 5 Mar 1838, Jan b. 3 Dec 1844, Viktorie b. 23 Dec 1847, and Frantiska b. Dec 1850 (and died 2 years later)

    If I don't 'chat' with you beforehand - Have a very Merry Christmas!
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