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Discussion in 'Vocabulary & Translation Help' started by gypzy, Jan 9, 2008.

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    Haven't been here in a while. I am trying to learn Czech, again, and research ancestry in Bohemia so I got an email address and signed up to find pen pals on Seznam. One pen pal gave me a link to I entered my ancestors surnames and wrote a short inquiry. Someone emailed to me, with a map of the area and how close Nosalov is to Prague. I am trying to figure out what they said. Here is what they said;

    "Můžeš mi poslat obrázek adresy a která jména hledáš?"

    I still have problems with grammar and sentence structure. I think they said that I can email them and were wondering what names i am looking for? But what are they talking about the "obrazek"? Doesn't that mean pictures? Do you think they are saying I can email pictures of my ancestors? If so, how do I do that on Seznam?

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    Could you send me picture of address and names you are looking for?

    "Picture is address" - maybe you have address written on some photo? Maybe he thinks that address you sent isn't correctly copied down?

    Or maybe he wants you marked address on map he sent?
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    Would you send me a picture of the address and which names you are looking for?

    I think the person is looking for a picture of the original document from where you got the address of your ancestors, not a picture of your ancestors. He/she probably wants to make sure you have read it correctly--it's not always that easy to read such documents.

    Edit: Eso beat me to the punch! :x
  4. gypzy

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    Thank you both eso and sova. You both answered so you both deserve equal credit :wink: .
    That was what I thought originally. But I could not understand what they would mean by "picture of address." The way Sova explained it makes sense.

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