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    Hey there,
    ...So, long story short: i have a name here of my Grandma's mother (my great-grandmother) and the surname that my mom put down says "Kacineks". I don't know if that's a really name or not. I've tried searching for it but I can't find anything. I've tried the following:

    I don't know if the č is causing a problem with trying to find it. Also, there's a possibility that maybe it's Slovak(?). But I'm not sure, I don't know. Can anyone help?
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    It’s most likely “Kačínek”, one could imagine also the name “Kašínek”.
    The ending “-s” is definitely of English provenience.
    The variants with ending “-eč” are strange.
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    thanks for the help. Do you know if "Kačínek" or "Kašínek" are actual surnames and, if so, what are the meanings? That's out of curiosity.
    I'm trying to trace back my maternal ancestry, if possible.
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    Also, after going to papers (as well as word of mouth), i found the names on my mother's side.
    My grandmother's side has the names "Onuska" and "Barlichs (Barlíč?)"

    My grandfather's side has the names "Skalangya"(my mother's maiden name) and "Kasinec".
    I would like to know if these names are spelled correctly and of what origin they are because the only name i found on-line that matched those names was "Kasinec"... But, I don't know if there are any accent marks or Hačeks on the letters. :?

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