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Discussion in 'Movies, Music & Media' started by Sam Chen, Oct 1, 2004.

  1. Sam Chen

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    Hi all,

    I'm looking for some traditional songs in Czech. Like folk songs, kid songs or any well-known and EASY ones. I just started to contact Czech language two weeks ago. If anyone can offer some information about this, that will be a big help to me. (Of course, it's better to have the lyrics or words of the songs!!)

  2. Sova

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  3. Sam Chen

    Sam Chen Member

    Hi Sova,

    Thanks sooooo much! :eek: I think this helps a lot. The song is easy and short, and the words are beautiful. I am excited and trying to find anything about Czech, like exploring a new continent! My Czech girl is leaving in four weeks, I got to try hard to collect as much information as possible when she is still here.

    Thanks again for your kind help. It means a lot to me.....Shei Shei(Thank you in Chinese)!! :wink:
  4. Sam Chen

    Sam Chen Member

    Hi Sova,

    I just burned the song in a CD-Rom last night and practice it all the time now. It's fun! I can image her face when she hears me singing this song...ha!

    I also found some good Czech music websites in this message board. However, they were all in Czech ~ of course, so I didn't have any clue to find what I needed. I tried to click some buttons yet got nothing ~ it was like seeking a needle in the vast ocean....

    May I have your help with this? It's so nice of you that posted the website page address directly here and I found the song with no difficulty. Or, could you show me some keywords like "download," "music samples" in Czech? Or any instruction to get into a music download area of Czech websites.

    Now what exactly I feel like to do is, find some Czech songs and burn them into a CD. Then, at her farewell party in Taiwan, it will be another surprise for her.

    I hope this won't bother you too much. If it does, never mind, just forget it.

    Also, any help or suggestion from everyone here about this will be very appreciated. I really enjoy myself in this board. I can say I've never seen and joined such a nice internet community before. :eek:

    Cheers for all,


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