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    We are planning an itinerary for a visit to Prague in the summer with friends who have not visited before.
    We thought of a day trip to Nelahozeves (where we have been before) but also want to include Zamek Veltrusy. Is it far to walk from the zamek at Nelahozeves to Veltrusy, or would it better to get the bus back to Kralupy, and then a bus to Veltrusy? (or vice versa)
    I think Veltrusy first would give us the option of walking the Dvořákova Cesta back to Kralupy (a nice walk along the river - we did this before.)

    Any suggestions welcomed.
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    Hi Chris,
    the between Kralupy & Nelahozeves is approximately same as the distance between Nelahozeves & Veltrusy. It's approximately 2,5 km far.
    I made some map for you, it will be clealer.

    "Normal map": [​IMG]

    Orthophoto map: [​IMG]

    Click on it and you'll see it in full resolution.
  3. czechchris

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    Hey that's great, thanks gementricxs.

    I've been to Nelahozeves, and walked to Kralupy so that gives me a clearer picture.

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