New and searching for friends in Olomouc!

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Frances, Oct 10, 2004.

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    Hello, I just moved to the beautiful city of Olomouc (and to my boyfriend :)), I am originally from Sweden but my parents are from Taiwan. Complicated? Yes! :)

    Well since I am taking a course on a net university (in swedish) I can study from anywhere I want in the world. So naturally I moved here since I love this place. Since I don't go to an university here in Olomouc (yet, I am applying for Euro Culture Programme on Palacky University summer 2005) I don't meet many people at all, if you don't count my boyfriends friends. And almost no english-speaking people :( So yeah it is a little bit lonely, although I love this city.

    So I was searching around on internet and found this page, I hope that some girls or guys from Olomouc (or foreign people, I don't care - as long as you know english! :)) are interested in a new friendship, I'm up for anything fun!

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