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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by durk, Dec 17, 2006.

  1. durk

    durk Well-Known Member

    I know this is like so common these days for a foreigner to come to Brno (with all those new companies opening branches).

    I got a job in an IT company (not IBM) starting 2 Jan 2007. I had been visiting Brno 3 years ago and liked it, then I applied to a job just for fun and they hired me. I couldn't say no, I wanted to try. It is a sacrifice both in terms of income and social life (my beloved one is left back here), but I think it will pack me some memories (good and bad) to tell when I'm older.

    I have been trying to learn Czech here for some time, but never got the motivation. So I decided that should learn in the country to really practice it in shops and with colleagues.

    My company should be finding accomodation for me, so I hope they'll get something not too bad, and clean.

    Voila ! Maybe I'll meet some people from this board later this year, so see you.
  2. Averell

    Averell Active Member

    hey - welcome!

    if you want to meet for a beer in brno let me know :)
  3. Fuzija

    Fuzija Active Member

    I am in for a beer too, will be moving to Brno next week, I hope so.

    Durk, I read you were kind of looking for a roomate, is this true? And how much would you be charging?
  4. durk

    durk Well-Known Member

    I'll post a message in the right section if I need a roommate. I haven't seen the flat yet, I'll move in on Jan. 2

    The price is a bit high (1/2 my salary) for me so I'll see if I change flat or get a roomate :)
  5. Karlo

    Karlo New Member

    i'm in Brno too and I have a 2+kk to rent... :)
  6. durk

    durk Well-Known Member

    Maybe you can post that in some other thread :) :)
  7. cellsuit

    cellsuit New Member

    welcome to Brno!

    I have been working there since April 2006, although staying in a hotel, but also on Jan 2nd I get to move into a nice apartment.

    Us Brits always visit the Sports Casino Bar at least once a week, so please come down and join us.
  8. The Animal

    The Animal Well-Known Member

    I have heard the term called ''Flat'' several times now. Can somone please describe in detail what it is? Is it a room inside of someones home that you rent?
    I'm not realy sure what it is, besides a place to stay.
  9. EmcaTanecnice

    EmcaTanecnice Active Member

    A "flat" is an British english. :wink:
  10. durk

    durk Well-Known Member

    Flying in 2 days! Happy new year in advance to everyone, and see you in Brno in 2007 hehe :) * scared *

    It is so bloody hard to decide what should be brought or not... Crazy weight limitations in planes... I'm pretty I will forget something. Byt hey, isn't expat life about buying everything double from what you have at home...
  11. dzurisova

    dzurisova Well-Known Member

    Best wishes on your flight and new adventure. I hope it all works out for you well.
  12. Sova

    Sova Well-Known Member

    Those crazy British (the English included) just can't speak English right. :wink: :lol:
  13. EmcaTanecnice

    EmcaTanecnice Active Member

    Don't tell that the the english teachers in the czech republic. I was corrected many times in school for my american english. :roll:
  14. Sova

    Sova Well-Known Member

    Sorry. I meant it as a joke. I was playing the stereotypical egocentric, every-should-speak-my-form-of-English American, which, by the way, isn't the norm in the US, albeit not uncommon nonetheless.
  15. EmcaTanecnice

    EmcaTanecnice Active Member

    oh I know...I was trying to be sarcastic, and obviously the lack of sleep ruins my sarcasm. :oops: Or maybe it's becuase I'm still on vacation from school and I have nothing to stimulate my poor brain.
  16. durk

    durk Well-Known Member

    Ahoj, little update here. I'm happy and learning Czech language. Love it. I just miss my car too bad.

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