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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by laylah, Aug 8, 2006.

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    Ahoj everyone, I hope to get to know more of you over time.

    I got interested in Czech language and culture when my son introduced his Czech bride-to-be to the family. She is now my daughter-in -law, and though she speaks good English I am teaching myself CZech from James Naughton's "Colloquial Czech" and the "New Step by Step" books.
    I think they're quite good resources, and I've taken my first tentative steps in writing to my daughter-in-law, but it's much harder to get speaking the language without a teacher - or at least someone to speak to!

    I like the structure of the language though, and it's very easy on the ear, so I would like to get to grips with it - especially for meeting my other in-laws when they visit. :)

    I've been surprised how limited the resources for learning about Czech language and culture are here in the UK - so I'm glad to have come across "My Czech Republic". I'm sure it will be the most helpful resource I have (apart from my daughter-in-law :) but I'll be glad to be pointed towards any others, particularly cultural aspects.

    Bye for now- brzy na shledenou. Laylah

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