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    Greetings all,
    I'm from the Midwest United States (Minnesota) and am like many of the others that visit these forums reading and taking in as much information as I can.
    I come from a family that is huge on heritage but come from the generation where no one speaks the native tongue anymore, it is now all English. This may sound odd for others in the States to hear but I was raised in a heavily disciplined family. We were all raised to use formal names for anyone who was our elder, and communicate to relatives using their name including relation first (Cousin Brian, Sister Michelle, Brother-in-law Greg.)
    My education is not the greatest, I have problems still speaking the only language I know due to the three elder siblings speaking for me. I don't want to make it sound like I'm illiterate, I'm 24 and have been on the Dean's List if not better throughout my years of college.
    My family is slowly becoming smaller, and is losing alot of it's history with the newer generations falling to the American Consumerism Society that is projected upon us. With the elders passing away it is hard for some of us to keep traditions not yet learned.
    I owe many of my traits to my Grandfather Ludvick who was the first of our family born in the United States. I tried to learn as much from him as I could before he passed 6 years ago. Though 4 years prior to that I did not see him because he was admitted to a hospital for Alzheimers Disease, which came as if overnight.
    To make this shorter so it doesn't sound as if I'm asking for sympathy, I'm not, I just want to inform others of some idea of a background. I am curious of those that have any first hand knowledge of Czechoslovakia if they could either email, or "pm" me of just about any experience you have had, if you are alright with this. I've read posts in regards to culture, but when I read websites about travel, or current events with Czechoslovakian (if that spelling is acceptable) society I seam to only become confused as to what and how things are.

    Thank you to those that have read this, and thank you again for those that may reply to this.

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