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    Prime Minister says TV polls "manipulate public opinion"

    Czech Prime Minister Jiri Paroubek has called for a meeting with the
    heads of the country's two leading commercial TV stations Nova and
    Prima. Both stations commission opinion polls during TV discussion
    programmes to assess what participant is considered more trustworthy
    among the general public. Results of a poll on a discussion between Mr
    Paroubek and the leader of the opposition Civic Democrats Mirek
    Topolanek last Sunday suggested that the prime minister only won over
    36 percent of respondents. Mr Paroubek says a separate poll
    commissioned by his party, the Social Democrats, suggested over 50
    percent of public support and accuses the TV stations of "a scandalous
    attempt to manipulate public opinion".


    Oh dear. The poor man is having a few problems so the best way to become popular is to tell people they cant say you're unpopular.

    I think its be done before. And in CR.
    Funny that it is only his own research that says he is highly popular. Many world leaders have people telling them they are popular..... Mugabe.... Arafat (dont RIP), Saddam Hussain was told...... Idi Amin... Pol Pot.....

    Do you remember the story about the Emperers New Clothes? Just shows people will tell you what you want to hear if they think it will help them keep there job!!! In extreme cases there life.

    Whats going on???

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