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Discussion in 'Travel Tips & Advice' started by rrc, Nov 21, 2006.

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    So I've finally know the Czech train system pretty well... but now my parents are coming and I need to buy lots of non CZ train tickets.

    Basically we need to get from Prague to Vienna, Vienna to Budapest, Budapest to Bratislava, then Bratislava to Prague again.

    Which of these train tickets can I buy at the Prague main station? Just the ones from and to Prague or all of them? If I can't buy them now, can I make reservations?

    Since we don't know the exact times we'll be leaving Vienna, Budapest, and Bratislava, would it make more sense to try and buy tickets there - with my complete lack of German and Hungarian language skills? Or are the tickets I buy at Hlavni Nadrazi good for the entire day + the next, just like the CZ tickets I'm used to?

    Thank you everyone!!!

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