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    I have just found out I will be in the Czech Republic in 6 weeks time (Aug 3-17, 2009) and will have a few days in Pilsen. From previous research I have found ancestor connections in Kozlany, Hedcany, Petrovice, Holovousy, Hostakriyje, and Slatiny -- all NNE of Pilsen. Family names include Balschan, Fojt, Pastor, Paby, Pazak, Schnider, Shubert, Zetek, and Zettek. In some cases I have house numbers.

    So far as I know, there are no relatives still in Bohemia, but one never knows. I would like to know if any of these towns have historians or historical records that might shed more light on the families and to photograph some of the houses if they can be found.

    I would like to do this with a translator (preferably also a genealogical researcher) willing to do a day's village tour. I found a couple suggestions for people to contact in another post on this forum and on other websites, but they are east of Prague, not in my area of interest.

    Any references or suggestions are most welcome.

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