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  1. Viktor

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    I do not know the name of the song/ballad, and only remeber two lines of the lyric. It's supposed to be a love song with political implications. What I remeber is:

    " As ten - jetel kosou zaide, tak - knam cestu zace najide"

    "Je-tel, je -tel, jetelicek u vody".. .(That's all I remeber)

    With a nice catchy melody. If anyone knows the full lyrics, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.

  2. Jana

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    It is a polka Jetelíček u vody (composer Václav Bláha).

    1. Tam v údolí pod topoly,
    tam roste jetelíček
    a roste pěkně u vody,
    snad proto můj hošíček,
    už více k nám teď nechodí.

    2. Vem hošíčku vem kosičku,
    poseč ten jetel v květu,
    posekej aspoň cestičku,
    já potom řeknu světu,
    že máš rád svoji holčičku.

    TRIO: Proč ten jetelíček, roste u vody
    proč k nám můj hošíček,
    proč k nám nechodí,
    snad k nám zase cestu najde,
    až ten jetel kosou zajde,
    jetel ten jetel,
    jetelíček u vody,
    snad k nám zase cestu najde,
    až ten jetel kosou zajde,
    jetel ten jetel,
    jetelíček u vody.

    I have never heard about any political implications, but as it is a very popular piece of music, played by every Czech brass band, sung in pubs and around camp fires, I guess there are other strophes, maybe reflecting political situations and events.
  3. Viktor

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    Thank you for the reply and the lyrics I requested. You seem to be a regular fauntain of information, concerning Cechcia (I'm still stuck with Czechoslovakia ). Anyway, in Brasil, we used to go to the Czech club for meetings, where the expats exchanged information and did networking. But mostly it was about "how soon or when" they all would return home. At the end of the meeting, they always sung this song. So I asumed that it had some political meaning to them.

    In one of those meetings, on Mothers Day, I remeber that I had to recite "some" poem that I no longer remeber, in fornt of the crowd (I was 11 or 12 then), and I did fine, until the last line I got stage fright and could not remember the closing line, that was: "a to je moje mila maminka", despite mothers coaching and promting me, I just froze. Well, needless to say, I had to hear about it the rest of my life, and this would be brought up every Mothers Day henceforth.

    Mother never forgave me this blunder until the day she died. But never the less, she tried to maintain some Czech heratige in the household with the ethic cooking, and old songs so her sons would never forget their mother tongue, she was sure we would go back home soon, but in the late 70's she just gave up and accepted her faith, that she would never see her homeland again. She died in 2003. That is why I made this last trip to CZ, to see where she and family came from and perhaps now understand her plight a little better, by visiting Habry U Caslavy, Vysoke Myto, Praha, Jablonec n.n, Jihlava & Bratislava to at least visit the graves of my ancestors... It was an interesting, trip but also very sad.. Thanks again.


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