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Discussion in 'Culture' started by Irish_student, Aug 20, 2004.

  1. Irish_student

    Irish_student Active Member

    also, just wondering if anyone here knows what the nightlife in Olomouc is like? I'm going to be studying in the university there, so I was just wondering if anyone might know what it is like...also, if anyone knows if the palacky university is good with decent facilities (or if it's a dump), could you let me know aswell
  2. Dana

    Dana Well-Known Member

    The Palacký University is certainly not a dump! :shock: It is one of the best universities in the country and the second oldest.
  3. Irish_student

    Irish_student Active Member

    thats always good :D ...i know the sports facilities are good, but what about other things like internet access and library opening and closing times, also the standard of books in the library...e.g. my university in Ireland has great internet access, there are a number of 24-hour computer rooms...but the library leaves much to be desired, with early closing times and a poor range of books...is this the same with the palacky university, or is it better (or worse)?
  4. Karel

    Karel Well-Known Member


    You can`t expect the Czech universities to be armed with a computer per every student. A disappointment? It can`t be helped.

    On a library note, even small towns/cities have a library for its citizens. A yearly membership fee should be around 100CZK.

    In larger cities, and Olomouc is a large city, there`s also a British council library, sometimes refered to as the British centre. I paid 400CZK for a membership card in December 2003. I`d be really suprised if there were no British council in Olomouc.

  5. Halef

    Halef Well-Known Member

    I don't know what the university libraries are like, but a good choice might be the Research library. It has the right of "mandatory copy", which means that a copy of every book issued in the country must go to this library (among others).
  6. HI there.. I' m from Olomouc and a student of the UP myself. The University has a huge library where I' ve always found what I needed or wanted. Except that, as was mentioned, there is the British council (just opposite the Library) which is really great . The Internet access is also OK. I' ve never had any problem to get to a computer when I needed- sometimes ( esp. during the exam period) you have to wait a while though.
    The Night life in Olomouc is not the best. What I really miss there is more night clubs where you could dance. On the other hand there are many student clubs and plenty of great pubs and bars :lol:.
    The city itself is really amazing. It has a special atmosphere of a small town but it' s big enough to be a centre of the whole region.I' ve been living there for my whole life but it still impresses me. There is always something happening. You can choose from different kind of activities so you can never get bored. I bet you will love it! 8)
  7. Irish_student

    Irish_student Active Member

    well, all the other students from Limerick that have ever gone over there have always loved it, so hopefully that will hold true...thanks for the info by the way, very helpful, if by chance i ever meet you over there I'll buy you a pint lol :D thanks very much
  8. Oh yeah.. Last year I invited some of my Irish friends to Olomouc and they loved it so much that they were sooo sad when they had to go back :cry: . For how long are you going to stay in there???
  9. Irish_student

    Irish_student Active Member

    i'm flying out on the 8th of september and i'm going back the 25th of january so thats about 5-6 months...as you're a student at palacky, would you be able to tell me when, exactly, the semester finishes over there? also, do you know anything about the politics department? i'm going to be studying central european studies over there, do you know if its a good course? are the lecturers good?
  10. Frances

    Frances Member

    Hello Irish! :)

    I just moved to Olomouc, I am 21 years old. Not studying at Palacky yet but I think I will, next year. I am thinking about choosing Central European Studies Programme, so I would be happy if you could provide me with some info about the programme :)

    The nightlife here is ok, on weekends. Weekdays it is kinda dead, but wednesdays are nice 'cause they have some kind of 'rock club' here, with a LARGE dancefloor. The beer is cheap :p Think they have some 5 or so clubs here.

    Well seems like you moved here one month ago, so please write to me when you see this! :)

  11. Irish_student

    Irish_student Active Member

    Hi Frances,

    The Central European Studies Programme at Palačkého (did I spell it right?) is excellent. There are six main subjects with the option to take more if you want. The lecturers are very good and it is a very worthwhile course. However, I think it is only for ERASMUS students. You should check it out.

    The nightlife here is pretty good, in my opinion. I don't get much chance to go out during the week, but whenever I do go out it is usually enjoyable.

    Write back to me if you want whenever you read this message anyway,
  12. Frances

    Frances Member

    Hello Irish,

    I know everything about the ERASMUS-programme, my university in Sweden has this ERASMUS-agreement with Palacky :) So that is already solved, what I need is 2 semesters of academic points to be able to go within ERASMUS, so that is what I am doing now. I took net-courses in antique history and some more stuff I am interested in, a net-course basically mean that you can study from anywhere in the world. I have this semester and next to go, and I hope that I can go within ERASMUS (and I think I can, already spoken with ERASMUS-coordinators) in autumn next year.

    I guess my problem here is that I dont meet any english-speaking people, it is really rare here (at least in Olomouc, if you don't go to an university) so I should really learn czech or so :) Did you take the intensive summer-course in slavonic languages (czech)? That is within ERASMUS too.

    I love this city though and I hope that I will have the patience to wait until I can go to the University here :)

    Write me back whenever you want! :)

  13. Irish_student

    Irish_student Active Member

    I would recommend you do the summer course in czech, i didn't do it, but the others that did it really enjoyed it and are much better off because of it. Don't worry, there will be plenty of other students to talk to in English, as there is quite a number of full-time medicine students from England, canada, ireland etc. studying there. Also, all the ERASMUS students speak in english, so you shouldn't have a problem. There is a good few czech people in Olomouc who speak English, I think the ratio is about 1 in 4. However they are not very fluent. There are a few, but not many. I presume you are not over here now, but if you are visiting Olomouc before the middle of December, you can contact me and I will try and answer any more questions you have.
  14. Frances

    Frances Member

    Hello Irish,

    I am of course in the beautiful city of Olomouc right now :) Moved here 2.5 months ago. I'm staying til December 15th, going back to Sweden over christmas and coming back here again December 27th to celebrate the New Year here :) Reason to why I moved here is my boyfriend who is czech. But how fun is it to always spend time with HIS friends and so on? :( I miss my own! Hehe :)

    Everytime I go shopping or just go to McDonald's here I have to try use the few (VERY FEW) czech words I can to explain what I want, beacuse they simply don't know english... :( That is kind of frustrating sometimes since I am an open and talkative person in general. So I was surprised when you said that the ratio is 1:4 :) I have unfortunately not noticed it.

    It would be great if you want to tell me more about the programme, and about the people who go within the ERASMUS programme generally, where people are from (usually) and such. I got to have something nice to look forward to, I really want to attend to Palacky... not so much for the studying, but mostly so that I can speak ENGLISH with people who will understand me! :)
  15. Jana

    Jana Well-Known Member

    Well, as a member of Palacky U for almost fourty years, a student first, a staff till July 04, I would recommend you to go to UP website first (it is in English too) www.upol.cz and then try and get an appointment with somebody from the English and American Studies Department, as well as the European Studies one. I am sure they will help you meet some English-speaking students there. The same applies to the Medical School - there is a course in general medicine for English-speaking students; I am sure you have already met some of them.
  16. Jana

    Jana Well-Known Member

    One more comment - the British Council in Olomouc does not exist anymore, but the books from its library are available in the British Council section of the University Library.
  17. Irish_student

    Irish_student Active Member

    Hmm...I don't know. Maybe it's because I have been hanging around with students and in student bars mostly that I got the 1:4 ratio. The older people generally speak no English, however, there are quite a few young people who speak. But like Jana said, the best thing to do would be to visit the UPOL website.

    If, next year, you are doing the Central European Studies Programme, there will definitely be plenty of students for you to be able to speak to in English with.

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