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    International design firm IDEO ( is looking to meet with professional leaders who moved to the U.S. from Eastern European countries within the last 5 years (or so). You (or someone you know) are in a job or career that demands continued personal development in leading and managing individuals and teams. If this sounds like you, we are interested in conducting a 1-HOUR PAID INTERVIEW with you in the SF Bay Area NEXT WEEK! Please reply to Kelly Grant-Rauh at ASAP with the below information.

    Address & City:
    Home phone:
    Cell phone:

    What Eastern European country are you from?

    When did you come here?

    How long do you plan to stay?

    What is your current job and how have you continued your professional development?

    What motivated you to come to the United States?

    Do you work for an international corporation, non-profit or
    NGO (Non-Government Organization)? If so, please tell us more.

    For next week’s interview, what timeframe works best for you? Day or evening?
    Please specify times your are available.

    Many thanks for your responses!

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