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    In my Czech vocabulary, the author says there is a chevauchée des rois "kings' cavalcade" (a pageantry with masks) in some Moravian villages.
    Somebody else told me they cut down a tree on Pentecost. Where can this custom be observed?
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    Thanks a lot, Meluzina. This tradition is great. If I can, I'll attend it next year.
    What about chopping a tree?
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    correct me if i am wrong, but the kaceni maje is actually the cutting down of the maypole that is put up the night of may 1??? so it's not actually a tree anymore??? i live in south bohemia, and here the maypole stays up the whole year (of course if no one steals it first :) )
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    You are right, it is not a tree anymore, just what remains of it, a big stick probably :)

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