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Discussion in 'Culture' started by TiffRich, Apr 21, 2005.

  1. TiffRich

    TiffRich New Member

    I'm thinking of studying abroad in Prague for a semester. I am excited about the culture, but in all honestly am a little concerned by what I've heard about the people. Ive been hearing they are very serious and depressing, being a very vivactious and bubbley person, that's a little scary to me. Any ideas or feedback??
  2. evian

    evian Well-Known Member

    It is very strange that you hear that, from my experience that is completely untrue. I think anything regarding "serious and depressing" would be a throwback to the Soviet days. Czechs (in my opinion) are a fantastic group of people, willing to go out of their way to make you better enjoy their country. They are by no means reserved people (but then again everyone is different) and they often seemed intrigued to know about my home country etc. etc. Of course, learning basic Czech language conversation will get you further than none at all, and people will more often open-up to you this way.
    Hope this helps,
  3. Geleen

    Geleen Active Member

    It's so typical opinion about people from post-socialist countries :). And it's so not true. Yes, they may be a bit colder (well, actually they definitely are, but there's nothing to be afraid of). In my opinion, it's much more comfortable to live in such places.

    TiffRich, find some penpals from Czech Republic and you can see that Czechs are as nice as any other nationality.

  4. skate007

    skate007 Active Member

    This is really comforting to hear, because I have also heard that the Czech people are really quiet and keep to themselves. I am also a very vivacious and outgoing girl who has a hard time not talking to everyone I meet! and I was a bit worried because I read somewhere that they think Americans are too loud! :shock: (but I guess I can see that)
  5. Usal

    Usal Well-Known Member

    Hello everyone!
    TiffRich & skate, you really don't have to be worried about the Czech people being any of what you mentioned Of course there are people in the Czech Republic that are just as you described but there are people like that everywhere. I spent 12 days in Prague and Olomouc in Dec. and I can't tell you how much fun I had and how really great the people are there. My Czech language skills where not bad they were nonexistence and I got along just fine. So do not worry and don't listen to hearsay, go and see for yourself. I'm sure you will be pleased and have a great time.

  6. Ioseph

    Ioseph Member

    mmm, I think if you go to a discotheque or a pub, where people is already drinking they are very open and talking a lot.

    But normaly they are quiet and serious, it is like one smile cost for them one thousand crowns. Young people are not too much like that.
    That is my experience here in Prague, maybe in other towns is different.

    But even that, here it is a really cool place. So the solution is: clubbing!
  7. Suniskys

    Suniskys Active Member

    All the Czechs I met while visiting were super friendly and outgoing. You're always going to find some quiet people wherever you go, but there are definately outgoing people as well!
  8. Eva2

    Eva2 Well-Known Member

    Czech smiles cost one thousand crowns because they are genuine. 8)
  9. martin [cz]

    martin [cz] New Member

    Just come and see :twisted:

    I think it is pretty normal, like everywhere (at least in Europe). Maybe it can be harder to create friendship if you are foreign (language barrier, ...) but if you create it, it will be probably very strong. You have to meet nice people and it is the same everywhere :!:
  10. Hi everyone!

    I believe a lot depends on where you go and what you do in the CR (as in any other country).

    Mentality of people living in bigger cities is different (more reserved) from people living in the countryside. That's nothing new. I can see that certain tourists visiting Prague for a week may get an impression that Czechs are not that friendly. But I assume it's just because such tourists didn't have much luck meeting the right people.

    So, TiffRich... if you plan on staying in Prague for a semester, I'm positive you'll meet some locals who will be eager to show you the place around and take you clubbing.

    You will have a good time. Don't worry..

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