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Discussion in 'Expat Life' started by ceduna, Apr 28, 2005.

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    I have heard some disturbing news about muggars and thieves in Prague. we were planning to stay at the Strahov Hostel, Prague 6 and are a bit worried about coming back in the evenings? Any info appreciated
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    Most of the stories I have heard about late night muggings etc. seem to derive from places around KarlĂ­n (Praha 3). I have not heard of anything dodgy or any negative reports of Praha 6 and The Strahov Hostel.
    Prague is generally a safe city, as long as you are not a naive tourist you should be fine (day and night).
    In my opinion, Prague is a lot safer than other western European cities such as London, Paris, Amsterdam.... So if you can handle those cities, Prague will be no problem.
    Hope this helps,
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    first - no reason to panic or expect anything horrible.
    second, previous posters are right about pocket thieves and stuff. i especially suggest be watchful in the city centre, on frequented and crowded tram stops such as NARODNI TRIDA, MUSTEK, KARLOVO NAMESTI, and indeed inside the tram. however it is not that common, sometimes you just cannot avoid certain people's activities like in any other city, right.

    then, strahov hostel. i had experience (my friend did) with that place only long time ago, so i cannot say for actual situation, but generally i consider this place to be alright. it is located in something like campus, hence full mostly of students, who generally are not dangerous, unless you plug your computer into their network ;-]

    however, a large park (quite a nice one) surrounds strahov, and as we all know, in warm summer nights such places may attract creepy creatures ;-] so my advice, do not walk there alone in the night. just a company ofe one another person will make you feel safer, and in fact it avoids IMHO any potential riscs.

    one last note - i generally consider prague a safe town, so if any of my clumsy formulations draws any doubts in you, i will try to explain more in details.
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    Quote of Andrew, the Scott "they operate in gangs and are very very good at theivery..."
    Please note, these people are NOT Czechs. They are Roma/Gypsies and yes, they do operate in packs of 4 or 5 always on trams full of tourist or all tourist areas. All Czechs know it and hold on to their valets.

    Pickpackets are everywhere (all over the world) not only in Prague. If you travel, it is important that you keep your money etc. safe at all times. If you are woman have over shoulder bag with good closure turned to your body and length of strap in such a way that purse is right in your armpit ....and hold it there. If you are man, make sure that your money are in INSIDE packet of your jacket.

    If you are aware of your surroundings you can actually see these people (usually two women and two-three men or more) getting on the street car (especially no.22) or waiting at the street car stop to get on. Do not miss ride on no.22 thought as it is one of the best routes.

    I am a woman and live in Prague in tourist area often and for a long periods of time and was always safe.
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    thanks Maggan :p
  9. Dear Ceduna it was never my intention of pointing the blame for theivery on the Czech race,, whom i found at all times charming and polite, i agree the roma have that reputation,, but in all honesty i never got close enought to establish natationality,,andy

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