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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Malnik, Aug 9, 2006.

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    Hiya.... I am going to be in the Brno area for about 3 weeks and because someione is ill in Australia i need to be able to call every couple of days. We are staying in my wifes family cottage in Olsany nr Brno it has no land phone. Any clues on costs for calling from CZ to Australia by mobile? Can i buy a SIM card for my UK mobile? Is there a site that will list wireless net access from our laptop...we use VOIP to call now so could use that if access is available.
    Any suggestions gratefuly recieved!!
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    If I understand correctly, my company (Eurotel/Telefonica) charges calls to Australia the regular fee, which depending in your tariff would be about 5 CZK / min, + 12,90 CZK / minute (assuming you use a so-called "netcall" service by dialing *55 before the number. If you don't, the supplement is about 60 czk/min).

    I guess the other operators (Vodafone and T-Mobile) will have similar prices.

    VOIP might be an option, the area should have at least GPRS coverage... but using the data services may require a long-term contract with the mobile operator.

    There are pre-paid simcards available in CR, the might even work in your mobile unless it is locked to your operator.

    P.S. I did some Googling, and it seems that Olsany might also have some wifi coverage... try or

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