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  1. SunGod

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    Hey guys,

    New to this site and very keen on learning both Czech and Slovakian. I have a friend who wrote this to me but I can't understand a single word (it's either in Czech or Slovakian). Can sum1 help me translate the text below best they can. Thanks very much, SunGod.

    "Cau Monci, tebe sa ako dari? Este robis modeling? Ja som v Hong kongu uz asi tyzden. Super je...chcela som sa sem vratit. S absom sme kamarati:)
    Kde sa nachadzas ty?"
  2. Alexx

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    Hi Monika
    , how are you? You are still a model? I've been to Hong Kong about a week. Is super...I wanted to come back here. We are frinds with "Abs"(???). Where are you now?

    It is in slovak, I tried to add accents (but I am not sure it is 100% correct). I am not sure about the "abs" part (hope it is not Absinth abbreviation).

    Btw. use "Vocabulary & Translation Help" category for such posts.

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