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    I'm trying to improve my Czech by translating fairy tales ro children's stories or whatever you want to call them. Sometimes they seem more difficult than normal literature...

    Měl čumáček, který byl právě tak zvědavý jako červený - a že červenou barvou přímo zářil!
    my poor attempt:
    He had a snout which was as curious as it was red – and that red color downright glowed.

    How is přímo generally used?

  2. szkott

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    I'm just going to continue here...

    Bodlinky měl vždy pěkně učesané a čisté, ve svém šatníku žádný nepořádek nestrpěl

    His spines were always nicely combed and clean, and his clothing was never messy.

    I didn't really get the second phrase...
  3. Jana

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    In general, "přímo" is used as an intensifier of a verb or an adjective (e.g. je to přímo neuvěřitelné or přímo se překonával). A synonym is "zrovna" - both adverbs are derived from adjectives (přímý, rovný - straight).
    ...ve svém šatníku žádný nepořádek nestrpěl... he did not tolerate any mess in his closet
  4. szkott

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    Thanks Jana,

    I've got a long way to go it seems...
  5. Kanadanka

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    I probably would have said "He had a nose (snout is not "cutsey" enough in this case) that was as inquisitive as it was red, and with that red colour it literally glowed" (I am not after the "exact" meaning of the vocabulary used, but the feeling it evokes)

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