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Discussion in 'Food & Drink' started by magan, Jan 31, 2006.

  1. magan

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    Most of the recipes for baking has as ingredience polohrubou mouku. I managed dumplings using regular all purpose flour, but, I have suddenly desire to start baking old fashioned Czech babovka and other goodies for grandchildren. It is not convenient for me to drive to any European grocery store and I hope that some Czech living in Canada figured out how to get around this hurdle. Perhaps % or all purpose flour and cream of wheat?
    I will appreciate to hear from you if you know. Thanks.
  2. Jan

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    I will try Bread flour with 20% of Wondra. I did regular, all purpose flour plus Wondra for Czech dumplings before the bread flour was on the market (25 years ago), now I do not even put Wondra in it, just bread flour itself. And it works, except the dough is always more sticky than the same with czech flour. Try to add gluten or a little oil to the dough or do what I do. Spray PAM on your hands and use dough relaxer from King Arthur baking store.
  3. magan

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    Thanks for your advice. However, I am located in Ontario right now and we have different flours here than in US. I am doing fine with regular all purpose flour for dumplings. I am also baking Rye and other kinds of bread and in Canada it is not necessary to use Bread flour for bread, because Canadian wheat has higher gluten than regular US flour. I am fine as that it concerned. Wondra is not available here.

    What I have a problem with are Czech traditional recipes (cakes, Babovka, piskot, vanocni cukrovi, etc.) using "polohruba mouka". Polohruba mouka has different consistency than very fine All Purpose Flour in Canada. It is more coarse.
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    Do you speak czech? If you do, go to "Labuznik" forum and search for "polohruba mouka". If you do not speak then ask "babi" in private message or on the open forum, really dosn't matter, she lives in Canada and she , and I'm sure, bunch of other members, will try to help you.
    Here is the link:
    Hope this will help you, if not, just try to use "all purpose" flour.
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  6. Kanadanka

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    as I had already responded to magan privately, Instant Blending Robin Hood flour is roughly equivalent to polohruba mouka. It can be found in any grocery store in Canada

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