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Discussion in 'Expat Life' started by RJN741, Jan 30, 2004.

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    I live in Florida! I meet a Czech girl a view months back. She was here for the modeling season. We became really close. Well she went home and offered a great job, and has decided to stay in Prague (plus family is there). So now I have considered on moving there and how things go. I have never been anywhere so taking it has a great chance to travel and for the experience. Plus the girl!! LOL
    So what thigs should I expect? How difficult should I expect this relocation to be? Just asking for ANY advice you may have or think I could use.

    Thanks Alot
  2. magan

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    I would ask "What is your profession? - What can you do to make enough money to live on?" How about learning Czech language? If you do know at least one foreign language already (or at least tried to learn), you may have some appreciation about how difficult it would be to start looking for job there.

    Living in other culture/country is not easy and only people who are emotionally and intellectually strong enough to succeed will actually enjoy it and be able to create new lifestyle.

    One of the things which worries me about you is that you "have not been anywhere". Perhaps you are very young, just finished your basic education and so far didn't have maturity and financial resources to travel.
    If you are that person, I would very strongly recommend that you forget about "relocating to Prague".

    Why don't you start saving to have enough money to be able to travel to Europe for few weeks. It would provide you with an opportunity to visit other countries and see the girl again. Perhaps you can plan a bit of travel to some European countries with your girlfriend and get to know each other better. In-the-meantime, e-mail with her and talk a lot about your dreams.
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    I agree with magan. I don't mean to scare you off or be negative but moving to another country TO LIVE will cause a small turmoil in your life, especially if you've never traveled anywhere and don't have an experience with other cultures and ways of life that are different from the one you're used to. Everything will be different - the language, the people and their attitudes, the food, the weather, the shopping, the way to get to places, the TV shows, the units of measurement... I'm not saying that's necessarily bad. It can actually be quite exciting to experience such a new adventure, and it probably will be during the first few months. What I'm trying to say is, be prepared for lots of differences, compromises you'll have to make, new things you'll have to embrace.

    I strongly recommend that you buy the book Culture Shock! Czech Republic to read up about the Czechs, their customs and culture. I have the book and find lots of the articles in it right on - and quite amusing to me as a Czech simply because of how right on they are!

    After you've done that and learned a little Czech, why don't you first go visit your girlfriend to become a little familiar with the country and get a taste of Europe? As magan suggested, that's probably a better way to go. Visit a couple of times, see how the country feels to you, maybe make friends with some locals to develop some sort of a connection to Prague.

    Prague is a beautiful city and life can be good there. Some people come for a year and stay for good. Others leave after two months. It all depends on how it sits with you in particular.

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