Poste Restante in Prague

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    Hi Everybody!
    First of all I would to greet any czech friend from CR.
    I already have been twince in CR and I found it a lovely place.
    I'll soon come again and this time I would to stay more so I could learn some Cesky!

    I need a little help.

    I need to send a little packet to Prague when I will come in late December or early January.
    Do you know if it is possible to send small packets as "Poste Restante" in Prague with Post?

    Alternatively do you know if there's any Company of Services that sell the service as "mail box"?

    As a third option ...... there's any Cesky friend that live in Prague whom I could send a little packet to and then I will collect it when I will arrive in Prague?

    Thank You!
    or better.......... Děkuji. :D

    Na shledanou!

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