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Discussion in 'Travel Tips & Advice' started by gementricxs, Oct 4, 2005.

  1. gementricxs

    gementricxs Well-Known Member

    I want to go out at Prague with my camera.
    What interesting places would you suggest me?
    Are statues at Charles Bridge illuminated at night?

    And what do you think about safety at night. Is is safe to go take photos around midnight at places like Charles Bridge, Wenceslav Square, Old Town square alone?? With my camera? It cost 12 000Kč, so it's very expensive for me and I don't want someone to steale it from me, especially if I will be alone.
  2. Ladis

    Ladis Well-Known Member

    Just go with some friend not to be alone ;)
  3. Jeff

    Jeff Well-Known Member

    Hi Jirka,

    Charles Bridge is lit by lamps, which can provide some interesting lighting when a statue is next to one. The bridge is also nice at sunrise, since there are so few people there. Malá Strana is a good area for taking pictures at night with all the narrow side streets. You might also try a place with a view over Prague such as Letná.

    As far as safety goes, Prague is pretty safe for a big city with the biggest problem being pickpocketing. If you are going to be taking pictures where there are tourists around, I don't think you will have a problem. You will have to be more careful watching your equipment though, since you will need to keep an eye on more than just your wallet.
  4. Káčko

    Káčko Member

    As i have CANON EOS20D and KODAK Z740, i would never risk it to take Canon with me at night in Prague, unless i am not acompanied at least by two friends.

    Prague is pretty safe compared to other big cities, but it is not that safe...And I always feel very uncomfortable with something valuable on me...
  5. mravenec

    mravenec Well-Known Member

    Groups of young men are far more likely to get into trouble than loners. I've taken loads of interesting photos at night in Prague and Brno, not only by the Charles bridge (good place if you're interested in learning photography, the lit-up buildings present a spectacular view. This is not the time to use a flash or digital camera though...), but also at the train-stations and suburbs.

    Just be careful not to have a camera or other valuables displayed, carry your camera in a plastic bag - and nobody will suspect it's an expensive camera! (And use it only when nobody suspicious is around, and you'll be safe.) :wink:
    I'm not sure a good tactic is to stick with tourists - i suspect tourists are robbed much more frequently than locals... As far as i'm concerned, the trick is to avoid loud groups of drunk people and other people that seem somehow suspect to you. Walk away and avoid if possible.

    I suppose it depends on how valuable your camera is to you. I have a ridiculously expensive camera, but i always try to think: what's the point of having an expensive camera if you don't use it because you're afraid of loosing it!

    Well, i wouldn't either, but that's because of the harm i myself might cause the camera after ten 10°s and a Bechorovka. :lol:
    That you'd be safe in a group is a deception, which is often used by pick-pockets. You feel safe - that's the perfect condition for them, and they also benefit from the ensuing confusion (who lost what).
  6. magan

    magan Well-Known Member

    I went for walk on Charles Bridge afer dark (do not wait till midnight as Metro stops running and you wouldn't be able to get back home). Bridge was full of tourist with cameras (even tripots) all excited about night views of the both sides of the bridge, National Theatre, Prague Castle...there were many Japanese with expensive camera (I would think - as it was too dark to see and I was not really interested to check their valuables).

    On side of Mala Strana, there is Malostranske namesti, which has few nice night views, then on other side of the bridge - Stare Mesto, walk to Staromestske namesti (Old town square) where you will have lot of opportunities. From there also walk through Kaprova ul. and get to Rudolfinum (beatiful lighting at night) and another view of Prague Castle.

    There are many charming streets to take pictures of, just have a walk through Stare Mesto (Old Town) during the day and notice old fashioned street light fictures. There are photographers delight at night.

    There is also gorgeous view of all Prague from above Stare Zamecke Schody (Old Castle Steps coming down to Klarov/Metro Malostranska)
    Above the steps there is look out offering you magical views.

    We walked through all the above with my girlfriend (two women) with camera and there were just people like us around, marvelling about the beauty of the views. No danger there.

    I would not recommend Wenceslav Sq. at night as today's newspaper just had a large articles about hub of sex business there during the night. Prostitutes etc. so not exactly the place where you would be welcomed warmly while taking pictures.

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