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Discussion in 'Travel Tips & Advice' started by berti_f, May 20, 2006.

  1. berti_f

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    i am visting prague in June and i am looking for tips for Bars and discotheques (pop/house music)

    what are the most popular dicos and bars in prague (age 22 and up)
  2. GuyFullaLove

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  3. magan

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    It is hard to give advice not knowing type of person who is looking and what exactly is he/she looking for "Club" is very general expression and not knowing age, one could recommend place for "oldies".

    I haven't been here for ages, but it was always decent place and you may want to look at their program to see if that is your "cup of coffee".

    There is listing of all "Clubs" in Prague, but be aware that Klub as it is used in Czech is general name for gathering of people with similar inerests. It could be even stamp collecting :lol:

    This is in Czech (for Czechs), but if you search for words tanecni, parket, disco, and different types of music in English or look through if you recognize something familiar, you will probably find lots of places you can explore when you are in Prague. It would cost you nothing to go and stand outside to see what type of people are coming in. Good luck
  4. cavalier_101

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    ***** hey .....
    I want to visit prague maybe in next year ..... really i looking good places for enjoyment time and spend wonderfull time ..... if some one can help me ..... e-mailing me by this page .....

    i hope some to one help me ......
    THANKS <<<<<<<<<<<

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