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    There are basically 4 different fares for public transportation in Prague; 6Kc Luggage or students, 9Kc fare without transfer, 12Kc fare w/transfer and 15Kc for the "longer routes:. Most bus drivers sell tickets for their route --Not on trams of Metro --However, at Metro stations there are vending machines, but the most convenient place I've found are the Trafika Kioks (the booths were they sell magazines and cigaretts) have a wide range and selection, where you can purchase the tickets in advance and keep a stash in your vallet. Also note, that the "stamp" on the ticket is only valid for 60 minutes on week day and 90 minutes of the week end!
    Not much time to grab a beer between rides...

    Make certain you use you use and stamp the "proper" fare ticket, or you will receive a 500Kc reminder from the Gold Shield :twisted: guy!

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    But the 7-day and 15-day tickets are fantastic value for money if you are there for a week or two!

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