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Discussion in 'Travel Tips & Advice' started by Ruzete, May 26, 2006.

  1. Ruzete

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    I am planning to visit Czech Republic in September to visit my friend in Rakovnik, I know where its at but should I rent a car or is there a train that stops there? I heard it was a smaller town. Is it possible to rent a bike and ride it there or is it to long of a trek?
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    For future info rearding transportation around CR see MDH is only for City of Prague, the rest is for CR. If you chose "Kombinace" it will come up with train AND bus transportation to your selected place.

    Typing "Praha" on first line and "Rakovnik" on second, filling in weekday date and 8:00, I came up that it takes cca 1.30 hod by train or by bus from Prague to Rakovnik and cost one way is cca 40 Kc. Price gets even better if you buy "zpatecni/return" and come back within 48 hrs. It is cca 60 km from Prague.

    Searching for "Rakovnik" in Google, I came up with number of Rakovnik websites. One of them is, where you can see some pics of the town. Just for your interest - it is VERY small town with 17.194 people living in it.

    When in the area visit also Krivoklat and Louny.

    It is quite common that most people do have bicycles in the small towns and perhaps your friend can borrow one from one of her friends or family. The best is to let her know ahead.
  3. Ruzete

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    thanks magan, that helped me a lot!

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