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    Using "like" often in a sentence is more for young people from the Western part of the country. It stems from the Sweet Valley High series of books that came out in the early 80's. Which was a book series about High School girls in Calf. I was a young teenager and read every book in the series of course. As a teenager, I also picked up the habit but only for a year or two when the series was cool. :)

    Anyway, you don't hear it much in this part of the US or with older people.
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    I agree, definitely that's a youth phenomena. I think when they get older they realize how silly it sounds and they grow out of it.
    Like Katka, I've never heard a mature person using the 'like' so repeatedly.

    Thanks for that bit of trivia. Didn't know that's where the 'like' abuse came from.
  3. dzurisova

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    Well that's probably because you failed to read the Sweet Valley High books, especially due the certain beating you would have received from your peers had they caught you reading them. :p
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    Definitely another one for Trivial Pursuit!

    Reminds me of the theories of why young people's speech goes up at the end of sentences, like a question.

    One is that it all started in the UK in a big way with the Australian soap, Neighbours, because that's how Australians speak. But also that it's because of a lack of self-confidence, that they're unsure of themselves and therefore have to subconsciously 'ask permission' whenever they say anything.
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    Deleted duplicate.
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    I have heard that rather odd inflection at the end of a statement too.
    Hard to tell whether they are telling me something or asking me something.
    As if in the middle of the sentence they decided to make it a question.

    Does not promote confidence in what they are saying.
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    Zebulon Gant. (Just looked it up in IMBD.)

    Here's the topic Kopec/Kupec Benatský under the General Language forum. And in sharp contrast to internet mythology, the magic of moderators is not that powerful--only the almighty admins have magic strong enough to alter thread titles.
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    Thanks Sova.
    That was pretty magical to me, so maybe your just a little magic, unlike the really magical administrators. :lol:
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    my english is getting're
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    This all actually makes me more accurate than I might normally be. Because I'm so conscious that non-native speakers are expecting us to use correct English, I always check them as carefully as I can. (Doesn't always work, mind you!)

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