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Discussion in 'Travel Tips & Advice' started by lovelychere, Sep 4, 2006.

  1. lovelychere

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    I've read that the exchange counter at the airport will charge us 10% when we do exchanging money, is it true?

    Plus, some travellers told us to better exchange the money at the exchange counter around Prague which will charge us lower. But are they reliable?

    Also, is there any exchange counter of the Bank in Prague open on weekend? coz here (Thailand), the exchange counter of some banks open everday for tourists.
  2. GlennInFlorida

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    They do charge a commision (or have a not so good exchange rate - don't really remember). I used one at the airport (they are "inside" before you get to baggage claim) the first time I came to Prague but quickly discovered that ATM's are a better deal (there seems to be one on every other street corner and there is one in the lobby of the airport after you leave customs/baggage claim).
    Take a look at ... gendou.htm
    click on the map and you will get an interactive legend showing where every thing is.
  3. SFox

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    The best way we found is to use the ATM machine to get cash, not the money change counter. Each one we found did not provide the exchange rate advertised, after taking out their cut.

  4. Viktor

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    Most if not all, exchange "houses" advertize "the [/i]selling[/i] rate they offer --buying rates are always LOWER. Look for the Sell & Buy rates offered...Where you realy get stifed, is when you decide to bring the forgein currency "home" (like in the US), the bank then charges you an additional 30% for the excahnge... Thus spend all your curency in the country of origin.

    If you exchange Eu /USDfor KC --you are Selling, they are Buying. The when you exchange back the KC's for Eu/USD, again the "house" is Buying and you again are Selling!


    Note: at times, if you are carefull, it is more advantageous to exchange USD to EU first, and then purchase KC's with the EU, since the EU vs USD rate is always "better"than KC vs USD.

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