Recomend Czech Songs to me :)

Discussion in 'Culture' started by Ctyri koruny, Aug 31, 2008.

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    I would like to hear some Czech music, I don't mind how useful the language is if the grammar is unusual or the words are difficult to make out or anything like that, don't take it into consideration; just tell me what your favorite Czech songs are and I'll see if I can listen to them on the Internet :)

    I don't mind what genre, classical, pop, heavy metal, absolutly anything, whatever you like!
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    Is this a record, Ctyri koruny, 'Senior Member' in a week?! When are you coming over? Have you not got packing to do?!
  5. Ctyri koruny

    Ctyri koruny Well-Known Member

    Hee hee! I have a whole 2 weeks to pack! (or so)

    And I'll probably do it the night before, I have a huge turquoise suitcase that has nothing in it but a 50 ml deodorant.

    Thanks so much for the recommendations guys! Keep them coming!
    I'll check them out later, I'm about to watch "Perličky na dně"
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    You should start a thread called 'Things I should bring with me"!!
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    these are two groups i like:

    cechomor and fleret (their music consists of folk songs) - Jarmila Šuláková who often performs with fleret is very interesting in my opinion - she has been a folk singer for years (she was born in 1929)
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    The Czechs like their jazz. I knew nothing about it before I came here but have really got into it, admittedly more blues/jazz than what I call 'noodley (because it goes round and round) jazz'. It helps that my partner is very musical and has been very patient during my transition from 1970's pop via his main obsession, prog rock. He's got a website with reviews and I think he's got some clips on there:

    but I'll have a look at You Tube to see what else I can find for you.
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    Have you listened to Czech national anthem? It is interesting...but it's rather mmm melancholic, but it is beautiful. Slovak anthem is nice too... but it's on a very other way, energic! (okay, I know, you asked for Czech music, not Slovak ^^).

    Na shledanou.:
  11. Ctyri koruny

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    People can send me PMs maybe!
    I have a list of things to do/ get before I go.

    At the moment it looks like this:

    - Pack
    - Buy solpadine
    - Buy Silcocks Base (a skin cream)
    - Get a present for my mom (I was doing a course for her birthday and never got a chance to get her the perfect gift)
    - See how much cd walk mans cost
    - Get adaptor (I should count how many electronics I'm bringing with me first.. probably just 2.. speakers.. hair straightener)

    I put some shirts in today, and some postcards, and I moved the suitcase a few feet to the left. It looks better now.

    I personally prefer melancholic national anthems, I remember listening to the Czech one when Ireland were playing them for the Euro 2008 qualifiers ( The match that got our wonderful manager Steve Staunton fired :( ) and I thought it was beautiful. Myself and the friend even had an argument about it, I said the Irish one was too happy and she said the Czech one was too sad!

    Thanks so much for the recommendations guys, they're great, keep them coming!
  12. cestina

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    Any songs by Jan Werich.....for example on this CD:

    I used to listen to it for miles on end when driving the length of England and back every week and wonder if I would ever understand any of what he was singing about......I do now :)

    I don't find the Czech National Anthem sad, I think it's just beautiful. I actually did a verse translation of it before I knew a word of Czech. I was in my early teens, and we had the sheet music at home and a friend played it on the piano. My mother told me the gist of it and then I remember sitting down with a dictionary and working through it word by word. I was interested to find an "official" translation of it on-line the other day. I think I like mine better, what I can remember of it :)
  13. meluzina

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    i wouldn't consider the czech anthem to be sad or melancholy - more sentimental, slightly philosophical - and definitely no blood, war or bombs bursting in air...

    quite often i've seen people misunderstand it as asking the question "where is my home" literally - it isn't meant that way at all - it is a strictly rhetorical question than is answered within the words themselves...
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    I like both Čechomor and Fleret, but I prefer the more traditional folk music, like Hradišťan and Pavlica.

    I always liked the Czechoslovak anthem because of this contrast between the Czech and Slovak parts.

    And also because it was so funny to observe the confusion of the foreigners. First they were confused by the delay of the anthem since the Czech anthem starts with a pause. With the end of the Czech part the foreigners sat down because the Czech part seems to be a complete music piece. Then the more intelligent part of them noticed the locals still staying and stood up. Then the energic Slovak part started bringing the understanding into the faces of the staying foreigners and a shock to the rest of them. The shocked part stood up and before they recovered from the shock they were shocked again because the short Slovak part was over.

    Werich, Voskovec and Ježek. Don't separate them.

    Aisópos and the ant (1931)
  17. Polednikova

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    The week before last we went to a wonderful concert in the gardens of the Senate, marking the 40th anniversary of the Soviet invasion. After the opening speeches, they played the whole of the Czechoslovak National Anthem, the first time I'd heard it played together since 1993. It was incredibly moving and several of the old men standing near me wiped away tears at the end of it.
  18. cestina

    cestina Active Member

    Werich, Voskovec and Ježek. Don't separate them.

    Aisópos and the ant (1931)[/quote]

    Well no, I wouldn't separate them but that particular CD is sold just under Werich's name and the first time I heard it played, and asked who it was, I was told Werich......

    Since then I have acquired much else involving all of them :) Thanks for the Youtube link. Just watched it - fantastic, and loads more as well. Much easier to understand when you can see them as well. Wish I'd had access to the visual when I was struggling to follow the songs at the beginning. I soon worked out there were lots of puns and wordplays which made me despair of ever truly understanding them.
  19. dzurisova

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    Yes I've heard the song and it appears that several people enjoy it (laughing) but since I don't understand the words and have yet to take the time to look them up, it's not that funny or enjoyable for me. 8)
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    What about Brontosauři? (or am I showing my age here? :lol: )

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