Recomend Czech Songs to me :)

Discussion in 'Culture' started by Ctyri koruny, Aug 31, 2008.

  1. MK

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    I also have problem to translate it:
    For whom who do not know it there is also literar word for it ... buttocks.

    (there is "co to nevědí" written but it means (and is correct/literar) "kdo to nevědí"

    I think it originally was very derogatory and vulgar but vast usage moved it to place somewhere between vulgar and common word. In Bohemian region would be used vulgar word for penis instead of it. But it is very vulgar word. I think cyp is now less vulgar and rude then its western equivalent. Maybe somebody from Ostrava or Moravia will explain how much rude and vulgar is this word there. For ppl from Bohemia it is just "Moravian" word.
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  3. Ctyri koruny

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    Don't know if you guys know them.. but I was lucky enough to see (and meet!) a really good Czech band called Jablkon my first week here.. Bought an album and got it signed and all, twas very exciting.
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    Well, I love Zavis's songs, especially Andela :D

    That is the best way to learn czech vulgar words :lol:
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    come on, Zavis is so overrated it's not even funny:)
    have you ever been to one of his "shows"? there's nothing like paying a hundred crowns or thereabouts just to see him pour vodka down his throat at the bar to the point when he's not even able to climb on stage.
  6. taja

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    Well, I had plans to go to see him next week in Melodka :mrgreen:
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    Pešák and Upír Krejčí - what an unusual pair of lookalikes! :twisted:

    I like them both.
  9. Zik

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    Yesterday, I saw a very good concert in Jičín, I heard a Czech folk song, that I have never heard before, but it's beutiful: his name is Což se mně, má milá (the name is a shortcut from the main sentence of the song: „Což se mně, má milá, hezká zdáš“ - something like „How pretty do you like to me, my love“, but it's the a perfect translate). I found a record by another chorus, it's hire. I recommand you to download QuickTime Player, you can hear it in the browser.

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