recommended trips with a 13yr old and 11yr old

Discussion in 'Travel Tips & Advice' started by manxlass, Feb 9, 2005.

  1. manxlass

    manxlass Member

    can anyone recommend any trips to do with youngish kids.
    we are interested in seeing the castle, the zoo and doing a boat trip.
    are these all open this time of year going on sunday until next thursday.
    if anyone has any info i would be grateful as this is our 1st time to prague.
    also can we take the kids into resaurants that have bars etc i am thinking of the evenings if we want to go out for a quiet drink and a meal.
  2. magan

    magan Well-Known Member

    Take them to Petrin hill. You will get there by tram 22, get off on Ujezd and take venicular up the hill. Your same tram ticket is valid on that. On the hill, rose garden, planetarium, replica of Eifel Tower (they can take a stairs to the top), and glass maze (inside of the building close to tower). You can walk down the hill after through the park, or take venicular again.

    You can take children anywhere, I never noticed that there would be any problem as they are not as strict with places where they serve alcohol. Anyway, you can always go somewhere else. Tons of restaurants around.

    For cca $40/20 min for all of you, you can take ride through old town in old fashion cariage drawn by horses.

    Find Narodni Divadlo web site (also in English) and see their program. You can buy tickets through the web site or go there for tickets right when you arrive tnot to be disappointed. If you are concerned about cost of tickets, let me know I will suggest seats which are bit high, but good and not expensive. If money is no problem, then go all the way and buy private box. Private box has three chairs in the front and one stool for father behind. Make sure that it is not too close to the stage as you would not have good vie of your side. Theatre is magnificent, playing mostly opera or ballet and some of it is suitable for children. Check if they are playing Cert a Kaca, which I would recommend or Prodana nevesta (Most loved and popular Czech comical opera) . If they are more sofisticated children there are of course old favourite classics available like Swan Lake, or Rusalka (beautiful Czech opera) etc.
    It is really experience to visit National Theatre for anybody. There are also tours during the day, just theatre.

    I will keep thinking of other places and let you know later. When are you going?
  3. manxlass

    manxlass Member

    thanks for the tips.
    we arrive sunday 13 late afternoon and leave thursday 17 about 2pm.
  4. magan

    magan Well-Known Member

    So you will have plenty to do. Don't forget to see Castle (Tram 22 and get of one stop after Castle (Pohorelec) you will see bigger area or the Castle grounds. Fread my other messages about what to do in Prague/Castle.
    Also Old town Square you coudn't miss. and of course so much more, Charles brindge (1200 yrs. old)...if you want to take great location for picture takings, but go early in the morning. If you get there 8 a.m. you will avoid terrible crowds (head on head practically). Maybe it is better at this time of the year, but I used to go by on street car twice a day and watch the crowds go by. Bring your digital camera and take thousands pictures so you can sort it out at home and have some fabulous ones or you will regret it later.

    Wish you and your children great experience in one of the most beautiful cities.

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