reliable Brit seeks room/flat/mansion/rich female

Discussion in 'Housing - For Rent, Sale or Exchange' started by darcy, Jun 12, 2006.

  1. darcy

    darcy New Member

    I am seeking an affordable flat in Prague for a long term lease - simple, clean, no gizmos etc..

    Flat: one room studio style would be perfect, but two rooms would be great and anything bigger would just be absolutely fabulous as long as price is very, very, good.

    Would consider room or flat share..

    I am coming in August so any advice appreciated.

    For potential roomies... I am an egomaniac, insomniac, 30 something, serial bachelor, often thought to be gay, enjoy mild bondage and, for a small fee, will be your best buddy eva :)

    Seriously, I am a well travelled, well educated, easy going and responsible person who does not take up much space - want a reliable flat mate seeking the same. Not home house party people... somebody who keeps home space as quality space is my kind of people.... mature, reliable, and considerate of others. I will spend alot of time in UK too, so if sharing will be away alot, but want the flat for at least 3 months minimum - prefer one year.

    Don't have to be an expat.. I speak some Russian but no Czech as yet..

    Thanks :lol:


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