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Discussion in 'Culture' started by Rafroel, Apr 10, 2004.

  1. semicek

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    Why so mean spirited? If the Gospel of Christ (or indoctrination as you prefer) is so simple minded and stupid, then the missionaries will not have much success.
    You mention that the "Numbers" of believing people are falling. Okay. That has nothing to do with the validity of the message of Christ. At one time most people believed that the world was flat and it's still round after all these years!
    Democracy takes many forms in many places. I imagine the democracy in Japan looks quite different than democracy in the United States. One good thing about it though. If you don't believe the religous claims of a preacher or missionary you don't have to listen, but they have the right to share their faith.
    From what I can see from my extensive visits to the Czech Republic the communists didn't do Czech any favors when they surpressed people of faith. I see a look of quite desperation on many of their faces as they live in a society that largely feels that "this is all there is". With employment oppurtunities what they are now it seems like a little faith may be beneficial for many of them. Whether you think it's ignorant or not.
    Hope this helps broaden your picture. Sam
  2. Speed

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    Well, the French are not called Frenchians, the Spanish are not called Spainians and the Japanese are not called Japanians even though they are from France, Spain, and Japan respectively!

    It apparently has nothing to do with what is logical.
  3. Halef

    Halef Well-Known Member

    I suppose it was a joke :)
  4. Bohaemus

    Bohaemus Well-Known Member

    It was meant as a "slovní hříčka" (word game?).

    Joking apart, our country has a minor problem with one-word geographical name both in Czech and in English (Česko - Czechia?), because in fact it consists of three lands: Bohemia, Moravia and a part of Silesia.
  5. ashe

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    gosh, this thread is old...but i cant help but throw in my peice of the pie. Though some of you people do seem a bit mean spirited... Anyways I'm a Christian also and i think that Rafroel has a good motive.1) You can't be blindly led into Christianity, eventually you'll have to stand up for what you believe in and if you dont believe it, you wont stand. 2) There are tons and tons of people who claim to be Christian, and aren't. It gives true Christians a bad name. I have no idea why people so this but they do. So don't believe they're a Christian just because they say they are. 3) What exactly does the phrase "open minded" mean? Most people who say they are open minded say they accept everthing but don't like Christians with strict beliefs...whats up with that? 4) Everyone is human, they make mistakes so please dont nit-pick

    If you have any questions just post of PM me. Have a nice day!

    I find the idea of calling some one Frenchian quite funny, but calling some one a Czech Republican is kinda strange :?
  6. cavalier_101

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    i like you too much when you explaining .......
    really i recpected you .........
    ama :p zing
  7. dzurisova

    dzurisova Well-Known Member

    cavalier_101, thanks for posting. This forum was really interesting and since it's two years old, I wouldn't have read it if you hadn't made a comment today.

    I'm curious to know how Rafroel trip went. I wonder if he is still on this website and could tell us.
  8. eso

    eso Well-Known Member

    Maybe, after Czech republic visit, Rafoeal is now ateist :)
  9. dzurisova

    dzurisova Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure if he would turn atheistic after a visit to Czech Rep. It's a very spiritual place historically speaking, with all the beautiful churches and castles.

    However, he might turn into a drunk with all the drinking that goes on there! :lol:

    And with the food being so good as well, he could be a really fat drunk now. :D

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