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Discussion in 'Travel Tips & Advice' started by Hogan, Feb 25, 2004.

  1. Hogan

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    Hey Guys,

    Have been to Prague a few times over the years, on the backpack trail, stayed a few times at the Estec at Strahov which was great fun.

    6 years on however though I'm surprising my girlfriend with a weekend in Prague, staying in the heart of the old town and I will be "popping the question" - which will either be the best moment of my life or I'll end up throwing myself in the Vltava. So fingers crossed on that one.

    Previously as a lover of Czech brew the most romantic location I knew of was U Fleku. So does anyone have any ideas on great bars/restaurants/locations/events/things to do that are a bit special...

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated...however random they might seem, they may be just what I'm looking for...


  2. Joss

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    I like the Retaurce Mucha. They are really nice people, great food, and you can book via their website. If you speak to the manager I wouldn't be at all surprised if they would do something a bit special for you.
    Worth a go!
  3. Hogan

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    Cheers for the reply Joss, am checking it out now.... :)

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