Samson Family Members in or near Nosislav.

Discussion in 'Looking for Ancestors' started by Melvin Mueller, Mar 13, 2006.

  1. Melvin Mueller

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    Looking for Samson family members. My grandfather originally came from Nosislav and I would be interested in contacting any relatives in and around Nosislav and Brna. My wife and daughter will be visiting the Czech Republic, primarily Prague during the latter portion of April. During our stay we plan for a side trip to Nosislav and Brna.

    Information in my possession include Postcards and copies of two death certificates with the following family information.

    Postcards from Nosislav address him as: Vaclav Samson and were signed by Frank/Nosislav 105 and were dated 1950. Another card from 1951 was signed by daughter Grabna. Another from 1946 greeting address cousin L. Samsonova. Greetings from Samson, Jaroslav, also greetings from brother Jurnu. Greatings from Nosislavi from my parents.

    Death Certificates list the following: Father: Karla Samsona roinika v Nosislavi c. 122 (Dated 1946) Also listing Three Children: Karel Samson; Jaroslav Samson; Bozena Samsonova. Two Granddaughters: Vlasta Samsonova and Frantiska Samsonova and Grandson: Milos Samson.

    A second death certificate of Anna Vanova lists two brothers: Vaclav and Frankisek; Two Sisters: Ludmila and Slavie and Husband Frantisek Vana. It also lists four grandchildren: Libuse, oldrich Vladimir and Ludmila.

    Any suggestions to go about locating possible relations or places or agencies to start looking would be appreciated. Thank you.
    Melvin Mueller
  2. Sova

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    The online Czech phonebook lists five Samson(-ová)'s and one Vana in Nosislav. You might try these first (Nosislav looks like a pretty small place!).
  3. Yvan

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    Ask ing. Vladimir Svoboda from Nosislav.
    He writes articles about history of Nosislav.
    I'll send you his email by PM.

    Or try to write to the local office in Nosislav :

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